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i am a mom/wife/textile designer gone haywire. I love to sing(music/arts AA degree), craft, exercise, and be goofy. Just living life outside the norm. And the norm thanks me for it. Oh yeah, and I like me some haikus. . . . . . . . . . What are we up to currently? Aaron recently started medical school at Ross University on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the kids and I are along for the crazy ride :)

2011 Resolve, 2012 Redo

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before I forget to add it to this post, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Dang, I just re-read my resolutions from the beginning of 2011.... I kind of didn't do so hot this year..  but they are my current goals I'm working on, so maybe I'll just make a push to finish them this year, eh? Maybe all except the hugging thing. That was a little ummmmmm awkward- actually it really wasn't too bad, but I found myself telling people that it was my resolution when I did it.  Maybe this year I'll just resolve to make it more natural and build up an expectation that "Stephanie just hugs?"  Whatever, I'm going to barf rainbows if I talk about hugging anymore.

 Yeah, that's right, double rainbow, bizashi.  Go skim this first for my old 2011 resolutions
Here is how I'm going to take action to tackle my second year of these resolutions:

1. Be a more affectionate person altogether- I'm going to make a bracelet or ring that, when I see it, will remind me to talk to people and focus on them and not think of myself at all- trying hard to remember all the details of whatever they are telling me.  I think this will help me care about them more and be less awkward with the hug that will inevitably come. kapiche?

2. Do one act of kindness every day... I have been service-minded this year, but unfortunately when the thought came it was "I really wish I had time to help them," or "if I had time I'd do x y z" OR "if I had money, I'd do blah blah blah" I did go out of my way to help people this year, but it was rarer than I'd have liked it to have been. I'm going to resolve to do the one act every day and who cares if I don't have time or money, it can still be done and I'm going to do it.  I'm going to put a post-it on the edge of my computer screen with the quote from a hymn "Have I done any good in the world today?" 'Cause, let's face it, the computer sucks your life away. Well, it wont suck mine away, no sir.  Even though I just opened a facebook account. oy vey- we'll see how long that lasts- I might have to ixnay the acebookfay if it and productive living prove to be mutually exclusive

3. I have definitely not become proficient at piano. I think I've only touched a real piano once a week only to find a starting pitch for songs I was singing in voice. I piddle whenever there is a piano nearby, but that's not real practice, only sight reading. I'm pretty close but I just need that extra push/practice; really I just need to be accountable to someone for my daily practice.  Which is why I signed up to take class piano on monday and wednesday morning sat CGCC this Spring- which also made it so I had to change science classes just to do this. Now I'm taking a natural disasters and geology or some such nonsense (I figured that will be useful in Dom since there are 9 active volcano's and we'll also get hit pretty good during tornado season). I have a feeling that I'm going to be the branch pianist (church pianist for a very very small church) in Dominica so I had better get crackin.  Speaking of which I saw pictures of the church building- I love it.  it's bright lime green!
That's Aaron cousin, Lincoln, in the doorway- he's attending Ross right now
4. Alright people, here's your task for the next couple months. Find a band that wants a female guest singer for at least one song and give me their info.  I AM going to play or sing at some kind of gig, gosh-dang-darn-fruity-nab-it! I can play piano or guitar or ukulele, I just need enough time to practice whatever I need to perform.  (tee hee- forget what I said before about not being able to play proficiently- you don't need mad skills for most rock/indie songs). ready set go.  thanks in advance! ha ha. no really.  no seriously.  I'm NOT joking.  I think I must have the reputation of being overly sarcastic cause you're all still staring at your computer screens and not calling your musician friends. hrmph!  Guess I'm going to have to get up and do it myself. Wee-haw! 
Here we go, 2012!

It's my smolder

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back story:
1. I'm a chips and salsa fanatic (as of a few months ago). After my recent miscarriage I thought back and realized that it was a pregnancy craving... well, since I again crave it incessantly I guess I was wrong. I'm a salsa monster.  We ran out of chips yesterday and so I sliced and fried up some corn tortillas so I'd have a vehicle for my mild chunky salsa to make its delicious way to a mandibular paradise. <--- see what I'm working with?  I'm hopeless.

2. My parents gave Matthew a "box of favorites" for his birthday on Wednesday (something they've been doing all year for everyone's birthday- favorite snack, favorite toy, favorite cereal, favorite candy, gift card to their favorite fast food place, gift card to their favorite nice restaurant, etc).  He got a mulit-cereal pack (the little single serving boxes), a set of hot wheels, a box of twinkies, a bag of Doritos, uhhh some other stuff....  honestly I don't remember what else 'cause as soon as he pulled out those Doritos all the peripheral sights and sounds blurred and all I saw was that big red bag begging to be ripped opened and devoured. This was really interesting to me because normally I don't like Doritos, but the Tostito shortage in our house has desperately (and hopefully temporarily) morphed my tastes.  For the last two days I've been sneaking a few here and there to eat with salsa in dark corners. ha ha ha  I'm cracking myself up... but REALLY?  Stealing a 7-yr-old's BIRTHDAY present?  This is getting out of hand. When Matthew would catch me he'd growl "mommmyyyy!" pursing his lips to mask the smile underneath and sporting big wide eyes.

Imagine my surprise when he came up to me this morning with the infamous red bag and held it out to me,

Matt: Mom, you can have the rest of my chips if you want
[Now the big eyes belonged in MY face.]
Me: Whaaaaaaa??? [salivating]
Matt: You know, for chips and salsa
I peered into the open bag in his hands to see the handful of crumbs in the bottom of the bag and looked up at him with a scrutinizing look knowing the only reason he was offering me these chips is because
1. he wanted credit for doing something nice for me
2. he saw that reason 1 would benefit him more than this pile of tiny chip crumbs (this is seriously how the kids thinks)
Matt: It’s your decision [and then he contorted his face to give me a strange look- I was a little confused and what emotion he was trying to portray, but whatever the meaning, the sound of him saying "decision" with his bi-lateral lisp while being all serious and that look on his face was more than my laugher could stand. It exploded.]

Me: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha [regaining my composure] Why did you do that look??
Matt: It’s my smolder.
Me: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 

Thank you, Tangled.

munch munch

Haiku Wednesday

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Matthew's birthday (7)
been on the xbox all day
just pausing to puke
(poor kid.  I'm pretty sure it's ecoli- I always tell the kids to wash their hands after touching the turtle, but do they listen?  Well, most of the time, yes, they do)

Out of Towners day 1

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, y'all. I hope everyone had a mahvelous holiday.  We just got home today and I had a blast. 
We went up to UT last week to spend Christmas with my family- it usually should take about 11-12 hours to get there, but we got a late start, were rerouted in Phoenix around some homicide for which they closed off a section of grand ave., took the car to AutoZone in Wickenburg to check a mysterious transmission error(turned out ok) and drove through a snowstorm in the mountains in the middle of the night (could only see the taillights in front of us and sometimes nothing at all), so it took ummmmmm FIFTEEN. yes. one. five.We got there at 5:00 in the morning.  After about 3.5 hours of sleep, we ate breakfast with the family, chit-chatted for a few hours, and then went to the park with all the kids.
random playground in Springville, UT with the cousins- there was snow on the other side of the park which you can't see in this picture..... I swear it.
Me and Matt.  Yes, I know you can't see my hands-they were cold!!
My toes were frozen when we left.  Dang ventilated hiking shoes.  I forgot that they were so breathable. booo.

Since we all had icicles hanging from our noses we came home and watched some movies and messed around (Aaron slept), then went caroling around the neighborhood with REAL candles...oooooooh...  It was so chilly I even had some double hoodie action going on.  alls I gotta say is burrr (obviously this is not REALLY alls I have to say since this post continues, but you get the point.  One should not be able to see their breath while inside a vehicle. savvy?) And then back home jiggedy jig for my brother's Mexican hot chocolate
Matt, Eve, Megan, Willam

Older bro Rob, younger sis Katie (8 mos pregnant), me (makeupless-aren't you lucky), mom.

Abuelita's Hot Chocolate- we were being dumb and acting like it was a picture for a commercial......*wink*

After examining the actual Abuelita (spanish for "Grandma") used on the cover of the packaging (seen above in Rob's lovely Vanna hands), supermodels Kate-mo and Demi tried to recreate her pose in their rendition of "still life with hot chocolate" aka "Double Chins never looked so good"
Katie dont kill me!!!  I LOVE this picture :) We are dorks hee hee AND I love that 80s country mug.... reminds me of home.
By the way, did you know that if you leave a candy cane in your hot chocolate it dissolves the inside of the candy cane, making it like a straw???  Not only absolutely interesting, but scrumptious, too. Who knew? 
Unfortunately for you, the pictures of me drawing on Aaron's face with eyeliner while he's napping on the couch are still on my dad's camera so you'll have to wait to see those.... That concludes our picture post for day one.... stay tuned for more soon!
(Although I know hasta is spelled this way I originally put asta so that people would pronounce it correctly.  Aaron scolded me and said "just because people don't say it correctly doesn't mean you should spell it differently.  People say worcestershire wrong all the time, but you don't see people spelling it wrong for their benefit")

Ixnay on the Askmay & KUSHEENO NIGHT!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ok, don't kill me ....  I don't have ANY pictures of me in my mask!  AND you can't even see my fun teal sparkly dress in the one blurry picture that I DO have.... ahh well, such is life ;)  If any more pics turn up from other people, I'll post them.
As it turns out the masquerade was a surprise casino night. The whole thing was mardi-gras themed and they served cajun food. yuRm.  I loved it.  The crab cakes and jumbalaya were rather scrumptious.  After dinner and some dueling piano entertainment, the wall opened up to reveal the casino room full of about 40 dealers and everything from blackjack to texas hold'em. We were all given $1000 worth of chips to play with and the two highest rollers won a laptop and a 54" TV (My sis-in-law, Valerie, won the TV after her Texas hold 'em table pooled their resources. the big cheaters) This is a really interesting situation to put Mormons in to as we don't gamble.... hum ho. Play money. hrrmm- what do you think? (Should I have asked that?  Am I going to get slaughtered in the comments? yes.)
I spent almost all my time at one craps table and learned the game (after deciding that I really really do dislike black jack, as I was trying to convince Aaron of in the first place AND that roulette stinks).  I got to be shooter twice. fun. The dealer thought I was pretty funny cause I had no idea what I was doing at first. Then as people came and went I learned how to play and ended up with about $5,455 at the end of the night- It's too bad I didn't catch on sooner and keep playing the horn bet every time.  I made a lot of money playing that spot in addition to my other bets in the tail end.  oh well.  I'm sure 100% of you have no clue what I'm talking about. 
Aaron went around the room accepting congratulations for his Med School acceptance and then pooped out halfway through and went to sit down so I was playing solo (ahem, I mean, with NEW friends, not alone :P ) most the night but my actual friends came and joined me near the end- L to R Diana, me, my huge virgin drink, and Shelly. The lighting makes my nose look extra pointy.
Let me reiterate: PLAY MONEY, people, play money.
^ this might look weird. it's a mirror, just so you know.  and those are my yellow $100 chips making me some money on the pass line.
Just in case your eyes missed when I typed it before, this was PLAY MONEY. LOL ~Don't want the rumor mill to get a hold of me by my pointy nostrils.

Prechristmas Gutting

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today we're gutting our rooms.  I figured we had better start as soon as possible and I told my friend I'd hand down some toys before Christmas. Megan went through and got all of her My Little Ponies (26 in all AND accessories.  She's only keeping her very first Pony, Blossom) and Matt's getting rid of the Geo Trax he hasn't used in a year.  I also have a big thing of MegaBlocks.  I think that the kids will just be bringing Hotwheels (he has millions) and MAYBE Littlest Pet Shop toys- (she has yet to make the final decision) and their Teddy Bears.  Meg is reading over my shoulder and said "And anything we get for Christmas!" I told them that Santa will only be getting them ONE small toy and filling their stockings.  Mom and Dad's gifts to them are Christmas PJs (as they are every year).  So anything besides that will be coming from outside sources- grandparents and aunts and uncles- and friends.
Ok, i better go shower now- I've got to get ready for the masquerade ball I'm going to tonight..........................................
LOL, ok I'll explain- 
I guess I can't just leave it at that....

Aaron's work party is a masquerade ball.  They're doing it at Wild Horse Pass just as they did last year, but this year instead of dressing up nice, we're going all out- black tie optional.  I got my teal sparkly dress and strappy black heels yesterday with a black sequined shrug and a gold and black mask with black feathers coming out both sides.  I don't know if I'll fit through the door.  Oh wait, it's a really big door, so I'm sure it'll be fine.
And I'm sure they'll take pictures.
Soooo lucky you....

Love Shack (tehe I'm so funny)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just in case you were wondering who has the best salsa in the valley, I thought I'd let you know it's the Burrito Shack.  yep. 
I stopped there at 'o dark thirty in the wet foggy morning yesterday (6:20am) and ordered 3 breakfast burritos for the kids and myself while driving home from taking Aaron to work (and yes, still wearing the plaid pj pants and a hoodie). I was the only one there and knocked on the window of the corrugated steel shack to see if they were even open yet. Yep, they were. 
The owners husband Kurt and wife Peggy were so friendly that I felt like family (such a cliche statement, but in this case completely true) I asked them what was in the breakfast burro- Peggy started listing..eggs, cheese, potatoes... and then Kurt added from the kitchen "and love!" I told them that they could leave the love in the two for my kids but I needed to replace mine with some "good luck" for my finals.  We laughed a little as I ordered then and talked about my kids and school and the catering job they'd done the night before. When they gave me the hefty bag of burritos Kurt said "Here's a little extra love since we didn't put it in your burrito"  and handed me a little Styrofoam container mark "love" and a plastic spoon. "It's a little bit of chocolate mousse left over from our job last night" Peggy added with a little smile and a twinkle in her eye. She also added as I was leaving that they sold kids size burritos for $1 so I should stop by again for lunch sometime. Wha? that's awesome.
When the kids and I got home and took out our burritos, mine had a big GOOD LUCK!!! written across the wrapper.  So yeah, like family. And besides, the burritos were fabulous.  We all ate halves of our burritos for breakfast and then I ate the rest of Matt's for lunch as I ran out the door later.  When he found out I had eaten his he bawled.  doh!  I let him eat some "love" to make up for it.  He loved it. No, really, he did.
I decided that I'm going to start a critic blog.  It's going to have reviews on everything from food to movies to stores and toys.  If you'd like to be a part of it let me know.  I'll be editor along with a few others, but as long as reviews go, I'll accept submissions from whomever would like to write them- they just have to get approved is all. 
Anywho, the reason I tell you about the impending drain on my time is because the BURRITO SHACK is going to be the subject of the first restaurant review. I'm excited to go interview them and take pictures.  They're super cool and their food is super-nom.

Burrito Shack
5663 S Power Rd
Mesa, AZ 85212
(480) 988-6017
Mon-Sat 6 am - 3 pm
Closed Sundays (yet another reason to support them!!)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

I don't think I've ever had a more stressful or difficult finals week.  I am so glad it's over.  I look like death warmed over. and I'm coughing and exhausted.  and my hands are shaking. but I got to help Megan with her book report tonight and read Matthew a bedtime story about footprints in the snow. And my sweet husband made me brownies. 
It's time for bed. g'night.

Haiku Wednesday

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writing this paper
Is taking up all my time
but fascinating!
(I'll probably be turning it in a few hours late while still wearing my plaid pajama pants and a ponytail. Nobody cares what you wear the day before school's out, right? 
Currently: eating top ramen in front of the computer while pouring over Tchaikovsky's biography. 
On the docket for finals week: ONLY 2 MORE TESTS TO TAKE! Tomorrow.  And then I'm done with music history FOREVER! woot woot!  Well, I guess you can never be done with history, can you? dang, that was deep.  Look at me all philosophical at 11 in the morning. Sounds like SOMEBODY had a RedBull and 1/2 of a 5-hour Energy drink at 3:30 this morning...)

Having Faith in Birth

Monday, December 12, 2011

Me and B's new beautiful baby boy, Clayton :)   He eats out of a really cool special bottle- I was just learning how to use it - gotsta get babysitter ready.... ;)   Here is a really lovely post she wrote about getting ready for him to come.    Having Faith in Birth


Sunday, December 11, 2011

A lot of people have been asking me all about Dominica ever since we found out that we'll be moving there in May, so here are a few videos, pictures, and info:

DOMINICA [pronounced dom-in-EE-ka] : translated to mean “Sunday”, the day on which Christopher Columbus first saw the island. Dominica is also known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominique (in french), Wai’tukubuli (“tall is her body”), and ”the nature isle of the Caribbean” but NOT the Dominican Republic. 
 Unique about Dominica: Home to the Kalinago Indians, the only remaining Indian population of the Caribbean; One of the filming locations for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; One of the only untouched islands of the Caribbean; Home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Morne Trois Pitons National Park . 
Called the "Nature Island," Dominica is certainly that and much more. It's literally covered with thick green jungle, punctuated by sharp-edged volcanic peaks, mountains, lakes, rivers, hot springs and waterfalls and a wide variety of green vegetation and wildlife.  It's a popular cruise ship destination and a magnet for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The offshore reefs attract divers from around the world.
Agriculture is the major industry here followed closely by tourism. Travelers fortunate to visit this Eden will tell you that Dominica is a true paradise; wonderfully preserved for all to see.
It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world's second-largest boiling lake. The island features lush mountainous rainforests, home of many rare plant, animal, and bird species. There are xeric areas in some of the western coastal regions, but heavy rainfall can be expected inland.
The Sisserou Parrot (also known as the Imperial Amazon), the island's national bird, is featured on the national flag.

Location: In the Caribbean between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. This area is also referred to as the Windward Islands, the Lesser Antilles, and the West Indies. Ross University is located on the north west side of the island in Portsmouth, alongside the Caribbean Sea.
Population : Approximately 70,000 
Size: 29 miles long, 16 miles wide     
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard (no daylight savings time... YESSSSS)    

Language: English primarily, French creole (patois) is also spoken. This is a really interesting pidgeon-type of french language.  If Eliza Doolittle was French, this is what she'd speak :)  Here's a link   

Government: Independent since November 3rd, 1978. Parliamentary democracy in place. The current Prime Minister is Roosevelt Skerrit who was first elected in 2004.
Unit of Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (abbrev. EC, ECD, or XCD) ; One US Dollar = 2.67 EC ; VAT (value added tax) applied most places.        
 Electricity: 220 volts (110 is in use at Ross University and in some apartments) 
Climate/Terrain: Tropical, hot and humid; Hurricane/heavy rain season June-November; Volcanic, mountainous island.  Nine of the Caribbean’s sixteen active volcanoes are located on the island of Dominica.   
Here are some fun promotional videos of Dominica...

and the fooooood

You may hear Dominicans refer to what they call their “ground provisions“. This refers to their staple crops-dasheen, plantain, breadfruit etc. The national dish of Dominica is called “Mountain Chicken” (aka frog legs) which is scarce now because of a ban on hunting of the frog for environmental reasons. Dominicans also enjoy the national dish of Jamaica, ackee (fruit) and salt fish (codfish). The local diet in general is pretty carb heavy-lots of beans, rice, pasta, and starchy vegetables. For your protein you have the choice of chicken, chicken, and more chicken. If you want fresh fish, you can find it at the Portsmouth market or on the main road headed to Portsmouth. When the local fishermen arrive with the daily catch they will blow the conch shell. They tend to have tuna, red snapper, blue marlin and miscellaneous I have no idea what that fish is. They sell the fish whole for about 7-8 EC per pound, un-gutted.   I'm most excited about the fresh fruits and vegetables growing all over the island.  Avocado, green fig, mango, mangosteen, guava, banana, plantain, papaya, orange, lime, lemon, coconut, christophine, eggplant, cabbage, peppers, sapodilla, sweetsop, soursopdasheen, cocoa, coffee, pineapple, sugarcane, watermelon, carambola, bajan cherries, custard apple, barbadine,   and a ton more.  There is a law against begging on the island, but there is really no need since one could survive on what grows wild there.

HHS Girlses

We had a souper fun time at crackers & co today :)  (See what I did there?  eh? eh?) Here is a pic to document the get-together.  I DID dress up all christmasy.  I was the only one, but that's ok.  I never really get an opportunity to wear these ridiculous christmas tree earrings, and Meg loves them, so I went ahead and took the plunge into crazy lady wardrobe.  From L to R:  Teresa, Tanja, Nikki, Me, Jamie.. missing a lot of our pack.  hopefully we'll see them next month when we get together for our carbo load night before we run in....
The Color Run (1st of all, that sounds totally racist, 2nd of all- we don't need to carbo load for a 5k, but we needed a reason to get together, so there it is.  And anyway, who doesn't like to carbo load??  I'd even do it before a marathon of Lost. Actually, I'm sure that that type of carbo load is more common than the racing variety now that I think about it.  Wow, this is a long side note).
annnnd ....YES! I just noticed that Tanja's baby, Lucy, is flipping the camera off.  I was hoping she would do that- she was doing it all during lunch ;)

I'm a Leaky Faucet

Friday, December 9, 2011

I have cried a lot this week. It's been a good week.  Ha ha- I bet you didn't expect that.  Yes, I have been crying for a lot of good reasons.  Things I've finally overcome through figurative blood sweat and tears.  Things I've accomplished and am proud of (an especially difficult run in a Mozart Aria that I nailed in Vocal Juries today).  Beautiful music. Fruition of some academic dreams(I bet you can guess what that one is).  The Muppet movie. That was the most recent thing ;)  The Muppets were an integral part of my childhood.  Seeing them again in all their glory made me a little misty-eyed tonight.
Some of these reasons seem so silly, but they touched my heart and made me teary-eyed all the same.  Perhaps my lack of sleep has something to do with it.  Well, finals week will be over on Thursday.  I'll be at school all of those last four days, but hopefully I'll be able to sleep this week.  Last week, not so much.
I'm excited to go to my HS friends' christmas sock exchange lunch tomorrow at Crackers and Co in Chandler (...errrr....Gilbert?). I love that place. and I love my hhs girls.  I should have pics to post.  We all bring a cute pair of christmas socks wrapped up and do an exchange.  I might even wear something Christmasy, who knows? ;)
Good Night one and all-  I'm going to go cry myself to sleep. LOL nah, not really... but I just might read the third Fablehaven book....

Thought You Should Know Thursday

Thursday, December 8, 2011

(That was quick!  His interview was just Tuesday! [as mentioned here and here
He was given the choice between going in January or going in May... 
we'll be praying about that for the next few days) UPDATE: He starts in MAY!
To learn more about Dominica (where we'll be moving) see this post
Anyway....Just thought you should know.....

Haiku Wednesday

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fuzzy baby head
So perfectly round and soft
God's kissable gift
(congrats on your sweet bundle of joy, B!)

Avert Your Sensitive Eyes....

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ok, so  this is a little irreverent- sorry about this...  It's just funny and since I don't keep a for-real journal I need to put it on here....  here goes.

I am the ULTIMATE soccer mom. 
I AM the TAXI of the century. 
Every day we load the sleeping children in the car at 5:30am to take Aaron the 13 miles to work by 6am.  Then I drive home and scramble to get the kids and myself ready, fed, get lunches made and leave at 7:40am where I run them and two kindergartner boys in the carpool to school in Queen Creek and then go straight to my school about 8 miles away.  After my school is done at about 2:30 I go pick the kids up at 3 and then go to straight to Aaron's school about 14 miles now (while the kids do their homework in the car) and pick him up and we are all home by about 4 or 4:15pm.  and then I fix dinner and try and do homework. or if it's on a night that I have school or Matt has Soccer or Megan has choir, there is that driving as well. 
Welllll... the only reason I tell you all that is so you can imagine how I don't like to stop for errands or pretty much anything.  SO much of our time is taken up in the car - and Aaron actually gets off work at 3 so he's just hum hah-ing waiting for us to pick him up. 
Lately Matt hasn't been going to the bathroom when he gets a chance during recess and right after we leave the school he'll squeal
"I GOTTA GO POTTTTYYYY!!"  So we have to find a gas station or somewhere to stop and let him go.  It eats up so much of our time. 
Well the other day, Megan had a concert for PCC that she had to get to in Scottsdale at 5 and I actually signed the kids out 15 minutes early so that I could get Aaron, then drive home, and then Aaron could leave immediately for the concert with Meg since it takes and hour to get there.
Of COURSE as soon as we left the school, Matt did it. AGAIN.  I said "tough luck, kid, I'm not stoppin for anything. You're gonna have to wait until we get to daddy's work." He started squealing and crying and said "I REALLY have to go!!! EEEEEEEE!!!"  I gave him a plastic water bottle and said "go to the back seat and pee in that"  He was like "WHA?  I can't pee in this!"  I said  "I am the pee pee genius.  I can pee in anything. Trust me- you can pee in that."  LOL  So now for the last week the kids have called me the "pee pee genius."  Megan did it, too and I made her go in a QT cup.  I'm such a good mom.  I've taken enough road trips and have had to ugently go to the bathroom in enough unfriendly circumstances that I really can go anywhere and in anything. ha ha ha.  And Meg can squat as good as Sacagawea.  She's had to teach her friend and her cousin.  Yay camping trips.
Anyway, sorry that was such a weird post.  I just had it on my mind cause the kids called me Pee Pee Genius again today. hilarious.

One more thing...speaking of potty- I was just in the bathroom and noticed...
Wha?  Who  on EARTH?!  This is probably the 4th happiest day of my life.  I don't even know who it was and I don't even care that it's on backwards.  I just care that I didn't have to do it. WOW.  My world has been rocked.  Thank you, little elf that I gave birth to.

Ahhhh the world is clean again....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

:)  it's raining.  you all know I love the rain.  Cuz I really needed a carwash and I'm ghetto like that.  For some reason it got my brain a-thinkin and as I drove to school I had a million different thoughts.... i ended up jotting them down as I drove so I could share my brain map with you (yes, I know that wasn't safe.  that, too, was one of my thoughts).  Here are just a few:

1. I need new wiper blades.  seriously.  we are not a cake.  we do not need an even layer of the stuff on the windsheild. we are aiming for removal here. geeeze. Oh, and if you haven't seen the movie Flash of Genius, you need to see it.  It's about the man who invented in intermittant windsheild wiper and his fight to take it back from the car company big wigs.  Awesome.

2.  I should not have worn these pants today. I'm wearing my cloth flats (smart) and with these shoes my too-long drag on the wet ground pants will act as mini mops in whatever room I venture. What, bio teacher?  You'd like a clean path from the door to my chair? done and done.  and I might even slip and land on my face for your entertainment.  but it'll be extra. credit that is. and don't say I never did anything for you.

3. Yesterday I got up at 2:50 am to do homework (yes that paper I procrastinated. the day of rough draft reckoning is here). sooooo... I've not gotten a lot of sleep lately.  The only reason I articulate this for you (since what student really gets sleep this time of year with all the dumb projects and term papers) is because I have (as of yesterday) developed a twitch in my upper right cheek (face, you sicko).  I feel like the inspector in pink panther.  Not Clouseau, the gray haired one that tries to kill him throughout the film series... oh yeah... Inspector Dreyfus.  He gets the upper cheek twitch, too.  Maybe I'll turn into a homocidal maniac as well.  It remains to be seen.  or maybe I already am one...... dot dot dot. I'm so dumb. dot dot dot

4.  So in the literary vein that I am already crazy, I was dropping the kids off at school this morning and I saw a midget in my rearview mirror.  i was a little startled and i thought whoa.  I had no idea there was a midget parent here.  turns out it was just a normal kid walking into the school.  regularly proportioned and everything. so yeah. crazy.  i vote yes.  but it was pretty cool to see a midget.

5.  You know those mints at chick fil a that people take handfuls of as they leave?  and sometimes when they arrive? and in the middle of their meal?  I LURV those mints. yes, caps.  I must really lurv them.  Well, I personally think that they are head and shoulders above the regular starlight mints they give out at sonic (head and shoulders- does anyone have a comparable phrase I can put in there? I feel so old when I use that). So imagine my surprise and delight when I found that our tricky Sonic has replaced their mints with the meltaway kind that chick fil a has!  They look exactly the same as they used to but they are the heavenly consistancy of CFA's.  Mama. they are nommy.

6.  Last thing- I'm ushering for CGCC's musical review, Chess, tonight.  It starts at 7:30, so if you want to come and see it and get your program from lovely Miss Stephanie, come tonight :)

Today, NBC. Tomorow, the WORLD

Thought I'd let y'all know that Megan will be singing on NBC's EVB Live today (Thursday, 12/1) at 4pm with Phoenix Children's Chorus.  They're going to sing maybe two songs for the program and I'm sure they'll talk to some kids.  Should be fun.  Meg is super excited and has been telling all her friends at school about it (they're all appropriately dazzled by her fame).  They'll be wearing orange PCC shirts and smiles from ear to ear I'm sure.  See you on the flip side!

Haiku Wednesday. Jingle Jangle.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Next is December.
Why does the time fly like that?
Life is a *?!$cuss word%#*

Unsolicited Haiku

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My paper is due
In two wee.... what?!?!  TOMORROW?!

Haiku Wednesday

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Children, spouse, food, house
Warm clothes, good friends, bright future
For these I'm thankful

My brain doesn't work, so I have no post title...

Friday, November 18, 2011


Just thought I'd post since I'm supposed to be simultaneously hemming Megan's choir dress (that I just spent forever pinning. no not on pinterest. In REAL LIFE. whoa), painting posters for the walk-a-thon in the morning (Phoenix Children's Chorus stuff), and doing homework (Curse you, environmentalist research paper and two online bio quizzes).  This is when the most blogging gets done.

Just had a few thoughts.  First, did y'all see the google doodle today?  About Louis Daguerre?  He was the inventor of the Daguerreotype (Da-gare-o-type), the first photography process that was remotely practical or reliable.  For a long time photographs were just called Daguerreotypes. Check out some articles about him by mousing over (coining that term) this paragraph for links.

Second, I discovered that I....wait for a nerd (GASP!)  Yes, I know.  This is brand new information.  But yes, the other day I realized that whenever someone asks "how was class?" after I get out of statistics,  i say "AWESOME!  I LOVE statistics!" 

And then on Thursday I texted Aaron during BIO to tell him that we were learning about RNA translation and how awesome it was and he replied "yeah, protein synthesis is pretty cool."  and I said "oh man, we are weird." and he texted "yeah...or smart."  Ha ha ha.  I like being married to a biologist. 

Speaking of my biologist, we found out that his medical school interview is in Anaheim on December 6th, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers on that day!!  Send him some good juju :)

Ok people, leave me alone.  I need to go get stuff done. and sleep. whaaa?? I know, what a nuisance.  The need for sleep is God's way of saying, "will you please stop for a minute?" I'm glad we have that wonderful reset button.  Thanks, God.

shhhhh.... be calm.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have to be careful with my words right now BECAUSE oops, because if I'm not careful all the words will come out in CAPS oops, caps, sorry....  I'm a little giddy.... no, A LOT giddy right now..... I just found out that aaron has an interview with the medical school in the caribbean...... The soonest he could get in is January.  EEP.  oops. eep!  i think my heart is going to explode. and I'm pretty sure that the corner of my mouth touched my earlobe for a few seconds there when I was smiling the world's biggest smile.

What I overheard...

While I was doing my hair this morning and the kids were getting ready for school this morning I overheard them having this conversation:
Matt: Megan, you should try out for soccer cause you're a good  kicker and that's what good kickers do
Megan:  Really?  you think I'm a good kicker?
Matt: yeah. and you should try out for soccer
Megan:  Matthew, do you want to know why I don't try out for soccer?
Matt: Why?
Megan:  Cause I forgot who was on my team last time and I messed up.  And then this boy said later "YEAH MEGAN, MESS UP AGAIN!"
Matt: it's ok, you just gotta remember their names and remember what they're wearing.  You should still try out for soccer.

I like that.  It's a good day.  (And alls I've gotta say is whatever it is that someone slipped in my proverbial drink this morning is amazing.  Good mood, yummy breakfast, kids on time, ahhhhhhhhhh)

Matthew and his cute face.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just thought I'd post a couple pictures of Matthew and his cute face. In a soccer uniform.
 Watch out, ladies.
front and center :)  What a little stud.

Thanks, God, for Spit-up

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tonight I went to my B's blessingway.  Have you ever heard of a blessingway?  Traditionally, it is a native american ritual where an expectant mothers' closest friends come together while the mother waits for her baby to come and they offer spiritual support and such.  This was not that.  This was a really refreshing alternative to a baby shower (even though Brittney also had a baby shower last week, ha ha).  Here's a little from the invite:

A blessingway is for honoring the mother and giving her love and support before her birthing time. Learn more about blessingways here.

Appropriate gift ideas:
~personal letter
~poem by you or someone else
~coupon offering specific help, ex: "1 hour of babysitting any weekday morning"
~something handmade for the mother
~pampering item for the mother, like lotion

A light dinner will be provided. Bring your birthy love energy and well wishes for Brittney and her baby!  We appreciate your prompt RSVP.  Can't wait to see you there!
We all got together for a light dinner and chatting.  We went around the room and offered a poem or word of advice or spiritual thought for Brittney in preparation for her baby to come this week (yes, there were tears), shared gifts (I'll show you mine in a second), and each stamped part of a leather bracelet for Brittney to wear this week.  She chose the words Birth Faith and we each stamped a letter into the leather band with a mallet.  Before we left, we each chose a bead and a word to be made into a necklace for her as well.  My bead was a sphere with swirled lighter shades of this dark sandy-textured sea green  (HTML #698B69).  I chose the word "calm."   We were each given a little jar with a candle to light when we hear the news that the baby's ready to come (to remind us to keep our thoughts with her while it's lit).
This whole thing sounds so hippyish, and those who know me know I'm a little anti-hippy sentiment, but I have to say that I'd rather this than a babyshower any day (although britt's baby shower was fun- don't get me wrong- this is just a general observation).  This is just so much more personal and supportive for mommy-to-be.
If you know my B, you know that her baby was found to have a cleft lip in the ultrasounds.  They don't know yet if he'll have a cleft palate, but they're preparing for it.  They've got special expensive bottles and B is worried about nursing and how difficult feeding him will be.  She also mentioned how all of the things you normally worry about with your baby seem so trivial once you're faced with a big challenge.  Mothers who worry that their baby has a little mark on their arm or funny hair or the like, need to wake up and realize what miracles their children really are.  Be thankful for the cries (that means your child can breathe).  Be thankful for your child's eavesdropping when you're having a serious conversation (that means your child can hear).  Be thankful for the midnight feedings (that means your child can eat).
With that in mind, I made this haiku and these burp cloths (specific to her instance):
 What a goofball.  Do you like the fifties outlet right in the middle of the wall?  I know. weird.  Also, see the mickey mouse band-aid I have on my middle finger?  That's cause I accidentally sawed through the top of my finger and fingernail yesterday.  You'd think that the knife wouldn't make it through that sheild of a fingernail, but holy crud it sliced through like butter. fun stuff.

ug slouching. and dumb face.  why do I make such faces?  oh yeah, that's just how my face is.  drat.

And that's just how HIS face is too, apparently.  Yes, that's a QT cup back there.  And yes, there's also a cup from Costco where I had the always amazing polish sausage with kraut and diet coke this afternoon for a buck fifty.  Also, see the cloth I'm making- how it's got a little dip in it along the edge?  That goes right by your neck so it stays on your shoulder more easily. 

the haiku goes:
a baby who burps
is a baby who's well-fed.
thanks, God, for spit-up.

and I put TGFS (Thanks, God, For Spit-up) on one corner of each burp rag (using the freezer-paper method).  Helps keep things in perspective.  Brittney got some pictures at the blessingway so I'll post them when she sends them :)
These are made of cotton print and jersey. The top two are backed in an olive green jersey that matches the green stripe on the the 3rd cloth and the bottom two are lined in dark brown.

ADDENDUM: Here she is :)

 Isn't she cute? :)
oops, I should've had her wear it on the other shoulder so you could see the writing. oh well :)


Friday, November 11, 2011

I must think the spacebar is overrated. :) 'tis why I'm guessing the title is all jumbled.
I have some horrid pictures of myself that I need to post. yuck. Ha ha 
Aaron had his 36th birthday on October 24th and I took him rock climbing and then to Liberty Market and Joe's Real BBQ for dinner(s).  Remember the Octoberfest Burger post?  Yeah, it was that night. Aaron ordered that (free birthday meal) and then went across the street and ordered me a free birthday pulled pork and cheesy potatoes from Joe's (The Cheesy Pots are bomb- you have but to add salt to unlock their true potential. epic.  I could eat them for every meal and still crave them upon awakening each morning.  geeze I'm so dramatic. anyway.....back to the bad pictures)
We had so much fun and spent sooooo little it's insane.
Before all the eating, we went to AZ on the Rocks.  I bought a groupon from my friend who realized she wasn't going to get a chance to use it before it expired.  She only charged me $2$2!!!!!!!?!?!?  It was for a day pass/gear rental (~$22) and a $5 Pita Jungle gift card.  $2!  shweeeeeet.  At AZ on the Rocks, you get a free day pass and rental when it's your birthday, so Aaron got in free. ha ha ha oh man did we work the system. 

Here are the horrible pictures.  That harness made me have a bubble butt. yuck.  and my shirt is all poofed out. and I looked horrible that day anyway.  AND I was slouching and sticking out my gutt in the.... nevermind.  you get the idea.  I dislike the pictures, but it's documenting a fun time and Aaron wanted me to post them
(THIS, Aaron, is how you know that I love you)
Gettin hooked up

 Awww. isn't he cute?  Happy Birthday, babe!

 nice legs, honey. 

 (no comment)

I really did have a lot of fun climbing- it feels so good to reach the top....

However, in this case, Aaron was not belaying me (securing the rope and controlling the speed of my descent with the gear), no, on this climb I was using the "autobelay" device, which is a rope hooked up to that round diaper genie-refill looking thing.  Genie details: 1. it slows your descent, but only enough so that you don't splat on the floor and 2. you have to just let go of the wall and start free falling like a dope before it engages and slows you down.  It takes a second for it to engage so yeah, it's fun. And freaky the first time.
 I swear if you say anything about this........

ummm ok, this is the end of the post.  Thanks for reading with your eyes closed.....  you didn't peek, did you? cause....... then I'd have to kill you.  (awkward silence)

BY THE WAY... I don't know if I've told you before that one of my ambitions is to become a licenced climbing/rappelling instructor.  My family used to go rappelling all the time growing up and I learned a lot from my dad... but it's been a long time.  When I get a little bit of time and money I'm going to get certified so I can take groups out (church youth groups and also just for recreation)  Also, it'd be a fun way to earn a buck.

Oh HEY!  I totally forgot to tell you guys about Liberty Market-  You know that The Lib, Joe's Real BBQ, and Joe's Farm Grill are all at least partially owned by this guy.  Yes, Joe Johnston who always wears a straw bowler and glasses and is super friendly.  You can follow him on twitter here.  We saw him at Liberty on A's b-day and he asked if we were going for the Birthday trifecta (visiting all three restaurants for a free meal on your birthday)  We told him that we had and he said "Now see, what you need to try next year is going in the first part of the day to all three and then after the shift change go to all three again."  Talk about milking the system... wow.  We had thought of doing that before, but kind of felt it was dishonest... now that we have Joe's go-ahead, it's a challenge!