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Ixnay on the Askmay & KUSHEENO NIGHT!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ok, don't kill me ....  I don't have ANY pictures of me in my mask!  AND you can't even see my fun teal sparkly dress in the one blurry picture that I DO have.... ahh well, such is life ;)  If any more pics turn up from other people, I'll post them.
As it turns out the masquerade was a surprise casino night. The whole thing was mardi-gras themed and they served cajun food. yuRm.  I loved it.  The crab cakes and jumbalaya were rather scrumptious.  After dinner and some dueling piano entertainment, the wall opened up to reveal the casino room full of about 40 dealers and everything from blackjack to texas hold'em. We were all given $1000 worth of chips to play with and the two highest rollers won a laptop and a 54" TV (My sis-in-law, Valerie, won the TV after her Texas hold 'em table pooled their resources. the big cheaters) This is a really interesting situation to put Mormons in to as we don't gamble.... hum ho. Play money. hrrmm- what do you think? (Should I have asked that?  Am I going to get slaughtered in the comments? yes.)
I spent almost all my time at one craps table and learned the game (after deciding that I really really do dislike black jack, as I was trying to convince Aaron of in the first place AND that roulette stinks).  I got to be shooter twice. fun. The dealer thought I was pretty funny cause I had no idea what I was doing at first. Then as people came and went I learned how to play and ended up with about $5,455 at the end of the night- It's too bad I didn't catch on sooner and keep playing the horn bet every time.  I made a lot of money playing that spot in addition to my other bets in the tail end.  oh well.  I'm sure 100% of you have no clue what I'm talking about. 
Aaron went around the room accepting congratulations for his Med School acceptance and then pooped out halfway through and went to sit down so I was playing solo (ahem, I mean, with NEW friends, not alone :P ) most the night but my actual friends came and joined me near the end- L to R Diana, me, my huge virgin drink, and Shelly. The lighting makes my nose look extra pointy.
Let me reiterate: PLAY MONEY, people, play money.
^ this might look weird. it's a mirror, just so you know.  and those are my yellow $100 chips making me some money on the pass line.
Just in case your eyes missed when I typed it before, this was PLAY MONEY. LOL ~Don't want the rumor mill to get a hold of me by my pointy nostrils.