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Friday, November 11, 2011

I must think the spacebar is overrated. :) 'tis why I'm guessing the title is all jumbled.
I have some horrid pictures of myself that I need to post. yuck. Ha ha 
Aaron had his 36th birthday on October 24th and I took him rock climbing and then to Liberty Market and Joe's Real BBQ for dinner(s).  Remember the Octoberfest Burger post?  Yeah, it was that night. Aaron ordered that (free birthday meal) and then went across the street and ordered me a free birthday pulled pork and cheesy potatoes from Joe's (The Cheesy Pots are bomb- you have but to add salt to unlock their true potential. epic.  I could eat them for every meal and still crave them upon awakening each morning.  geeze I'm so dramatic. anyway.....back to the bad pictures)
We had so much fun and spent sooooo little it's insane.
Before all the eating, we went to AZ on the Rocks.  I bought a groupon from my friend who realized she wasn't going to get a chance to use it before it expired.  She only charged me $2$2!!!!!!!?!?!?  It was for a day pass/gear rental (~$22) and a $5 Pita Jungle gift card.  $2!  shweeeeeet.  At AZ on the Rocks, you get a free day pass and rental when it's your birthday, so Aaron got in free. ha ha ha oh man did we work the system. 

Here are the horrible pictures.  That harness made me have a bubble butt. yuck.  and my shirt is all poofed out. and I looked horrible that day anyway.  AND I was slouching and sticking out my gutt in the.... nevermind.  you get the idea.  I dislike the pictures, but it's documenting a fun time and Aaron wanted me to post them
(THIS, Aaron, is how you know that I love you)
Gettin hooked up

 Awww. isn't he cute?  Happy Birthday, babe!

 nice legs, honey. 

 (no comment)

I really did have a lot of fun climbing- it feels so good to reach the top....

However, in this case, Aaron was not belaying me (securing the rope and controlling the speed of my descent with the gear), no, on this climb I was using the "autobelay" device, which is a rope hooked up to that round diaper genie-refill looking thing.  Genie details: 1. it slows your descent, but only enough so that you don't splat on the floor and 2. you have to just let go of the wall and start free falling like a dope before it engages and slows you down.  It takes a second for it to engage so yeah, it's fun. And freaky the first time.
 I swear if you say anything about this........

ummm ok, this is the end of the post.  Thanks for reading with your eyes closed.....  you didn't peek, did you? cause....... then I'd have to kill you.  (awkward silence)

BY THE WAY... I don't know if I've told you before that one of my ambitions is to become a licenced climbing/rappelling instructor.  My family used to go rappelling all the time growing up and I learned a lot from my dad... but it's been a long time.  When I get a little bit of time and money I'm going to get certified so I can take groups out (church youth groups and also just for recreation)  Also, it'd be a fun way to earn a buck.

Oh HEY!  I totally forgot to tell you guys about Liberty Market-  You know that The Lib, Joe's Real BBQ, and Joe's Farm Grill are all at least partially owned by this guy.  Yes, Joe Johnston who always wears a straw bowler and glasses and is super friendly.  You can follow him on twitter here.  We saw him at Liberty on A's b-day and he asked if we were going for the Birthday trifecta (visiting all three restaurants for a free meal on your birthday)  We told him that we had and he said "Now see, what you need to try next year is going in the first part of the day to all three and then after the shift change go to all three again."  Talk about milking the system... wow.  We had thought of doing that before, but kind of felt it was dishonest... now that we have Joe's go-ahead, it's a challenge!


Jenny Knudsen said...

I have gone rappelling 4 times and never even made it on the rope. It scares the heck out of me! Good for you guys though. What a fun birthday! I emailed you about the boutique. Hope you can come :)