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Out of Towners day 1

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, y'all. I hope everyone had a mahvelous holiday.  We just got home today and I had a blast. 
We went up to UT last week to spend Christmas with my family- it usually should take about 11-12 hours to get there, but we got a late start, were rerouted in Phoenix around some homicide for which they closed off a section of grand ave., took the car to AutoZone in Wickenburg to check a mysterious transmission error(turned out ok) and drove through a snowstorm in the mountains in the middle of the night (could only see the taillights in front of us and sometimes nothing at all), so it took ummmmmm FIFTEEN. yes. one. five.We got there at 5:00 in the morning.  After about 3.5 hours of sleep, we ate breakfast with the family, chit-chatted for a few hours, and then went to the park with all the kids.
random playground in Springville, UT with the cousins- there was snow on the other side of the park which you can't see in this picture..... I swear it.
Me and Matt.  Yes, I know you can't see my hands-they were cold!!
My toes were frozen when we left.  Dang ventilated hiking shoes.  I forgot that they were so breathable. booo.

Since we all had icicles hanging from our noses we came home and watched some movies and messed around (Aaron slept), then went caroling around the neighborhood with REAL candles...oooooooh...  It was so chilly I even had some double hoodie action going on.  alls I gotta say is burrr (obviously this is not REALLY alls I have to say since this post continues, but you get the point.  One should not be able to see their breath while inside a vehicle. savvy?) And then back home jiggedy jig for my brother's Mexican hot chocolate
Matt, Eve, Megan, Willam

Older bro Rob, younger sis Katie (8 mos pregnant), me (makeupless-aren't you lucky), mom.

Abuelita's Hot Chocolate- we were being dumb and acting like it was a picture for a commercial......*wink*

After examining the actual Abuelita (spanish for "Grandma") used on the cover of the packaging (seen above in Rob's lovely Vanna hands), supermodels Kate-mo and Demi tried to recreate her pose in their rendition of "still life with hot chocolate" aka "Double Chins never looked so good"
Katie dont kill me!!!  I LOVE this picture :) We are dorks hee hee AND I love that 80s country mug.... reminds me of home.
By the way, did you know that if you leave a candy cane in your hot chocolate it dissolves the inside of the candy cane, making it like a straw???  Not only absolutely interesting, but scrumptious, too. Who knew? 
Unfortunately for you, the pictures of me drawing on Aaron's face with eyeliner while he's napping on the couch are still on my dad's camera so you'll have to wait to see those.... That concludes our picture post for day one.... stay tuned for more soon!
(Although I know hasta is spelled this way I originally put asta so that people would pronounce it correctly.  Aaron scolded me and said "just because people don't say it correctly doesn't mean you should spell it differently.  People say worcestershire wrong all the time, but you don't see people spelling it wrong for their benefit")


Jenny Knudsen said...

I love you! You are so crazy and fun. I'm gonna have to try that candy cane thing ;) Glad you had a great Christmas.

Nancy said...

Christmas is more 'Christmasey' up in the fridgid North. Otherwise, why would you even drink Abuelita's mo-jo?

Sera Lucia said...

Yes, you are DEAD. Dead dead dead. But I must say, I think I made a better Abuelita, since you can't even make a double chin with your teeny neck. Just you wait, I'll once again have a teeny neck, in about 2 months or so..... along with my waist and thighs. :)

Sera Lucia said...

Oh my goodness, I just looked at the picture again. You're double dead.
Do you actually know how to say worcestershire correctly? Because now I'm all self-conscious.

Stephanie Shumway said...

COL (chuckling out loud) seriously, I sound like Grandpa Harward. you cark. me. up. Katie.
woos (as in a wimp or wuss)
ter (however, with an english accent it's teh- that's how I say it)
sher (as in, sure, I'll give you a million dollars)

No need for self doubt :)
I'm still laughing at the last comment. te he

Stephanie Shumway said...

ahem cark is the new black. tell your friends. it's gonna be huge. and I'm an idiot.

Sera Lucia said...

Well you cark me up too. And actually, I thought you spelled it that way on purpose. You with your wacky words.

Happy to say I do say it correctly.
I sound like G-pa all the time. The big wheeze laugh.
I think I'll take that million dollars.

And that picture is still awful. Nightmares awful.