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Friday, June 24, 2011

I was just made aware this week of the fact that every performer needs to provide at least one usher for The Mikado (which is opening tonight) and we don't have any! boooo.  Would anyone be interested in ushering for the show?  You get to see the show for free if you do :) Please let me know if you're interested!!
Thank you!

jiggedy jig and back on our heads

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes, I'm home from my family reunion- it was fun and the country is BEAUTIFUL out there. wow.  The stand-by flights were no problem at all and it was so great to spend time with family and let my kids get reacquainted with their cousins.  I'll fill you all in soon with pictures and such, but today I just wanted to post my fall school schedule.... oy vey.

M/W I have Music History, Statistics, and ENG102
T/TH I have Biology and Biology Lab
TH nights I have class guitar
(If anyone has a guitar I may buy, let me know!)

These are all homework intensive classes so you should all expect a lot of posts from me... As you know I only blog when I SHOULD be doing something else. Lawl.

BTW- I am pretty sick right now, so any prayers and thoughts are welcome so it can go away by the time opening night comes around on Friday!  or by right now.  that would be good.

Haiku Wednesday

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Packing with the kids
Flying out right after lunch
Travel plans moved up!

Today's list

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1. I'm sooo impatient right now.  Must be a hormonal thing.
2.  I discovered yesterday that I like my french fries natural-cut (with skins left on) drizzled with lemon juice and salted with sea salt. NOM.
3.  I discovered today that Southwest Airlines has the most annoying hold music ever fathomed.  MIDI-Elevator music.  And with a bad cell phone connection...  Whoa.  my annoyance-meter has been rocked.
4.  I love me some juice pops.  Do you remember the grape triangle-looking ones we used to have in elementary school lunches? I just bought some for my kids today. They're yummy once you get over the apple juice base flavor.
5.  My husband cracks me up.  He's such a goof ball at rehearsal. (which, by the way is not how he is the rest of the time- the rest of the time he's just funny/witty, at practice he's a full out 4 year old LOL)
6. Anyone have a guitar they are trying to get rid of? I'm taking a guitar class next semester and need a guitar. who'd-a-thunk? (disregard that last part if you're one of my grammar Nazi friends, of which I've many) I have had my eye on a Taylor Baby, but when I asked the seller to hold out until I get my student loan money in August he decided to sell to someone else.  booooo.
7.  Yes I meant to use the colors in Newton's rainbow sequence.  It's just my OCD coming out to say howdy-do.

Abstract art, life, and utter randomosity.

Monday, June 13, 2011

(Artwork by Sharon Cummings  "Abstract 1")

Yeah, I know that's not a word.
I've just had a few thoughts over the last couple weeks that, individually, don't make for a substantial blog post, but together, well, let's not kid ourselves, I'm sure this post will still be lacking in validity. oh well.

First, I don't know your name, but please, lady who walks next to me every other morning on the treadmill, please please please correct your wappy feet!  Yes, "wappy" <----------coining that term
She plants her heal and then lets her rubbery toes smack down loudly (wapping the ground) so that every step makes two sounds.  Her muscles also are non existent past her wrist, apparently, because she walks with her arms bent at 90 degrees but then her hands hang down all limp and sometimes even hit (or wap) the control board in front of her as she walks.  Every time I walk next to her (which is pretty much every time)  I think "ohhh no, I'm by 'wappy feet' and I don't have my zune (like an ipod) to drown out the noise!" 
Then today as I was thinking about it I wondered if I have any annoying habit that drives everyone around me crazy-  Comment if you have something you've been wanting to tell me!  I remember a while ago I was called out on sucking air in loudly between my teeth....and chewing my hot cheetos with limon reeeeally rudely with my mouth open (not like a lady- as I would hypocritically scold Megan for).  I also used to talk about craigslist a lot about 4 years ago.  My neighbor called me out on that one. Oh- and Aaron was reading over my shoulder and reminded me about my habit of keeping the beat with my toes... yes, I twitch to the beat.  It drives him crazy :D The truth is, none of this really matters, but it's nice sometimes to know all of the things you do habitually and are unaware of.

Megan is behind me right now reading the dictionary.  She is hilarious.

I had a cherry pop tart this morning for breakfast and put peanut butter on it.  Like a PBJ.  Not too bad.  I felt like I was 7 again.
Speaking of food, I bought a popsicle mold in the dollar section at target the other day and put the pineapple juice I reserved from a can of pineapple chunks in it and made yummy popsicles.  But I have to eat them intermittently with a marshmallow in the other hand.  yes, wha? I know I'm weird, but it's one of those food nostalgia situations.  It reminds me of a frozen fruit salad my mom used to make in styrofoam cups.  It tastes yummy and although it's frozen, it warms my tender little heart :) 

I'm really in to Adele right now.  She's my workout buddy. 

I know I've told you all that before, but I thought about it earlier in the post when I mentioned the treadmill.  It reeeeallly takes all I have to not belt out in the middle of my workout.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone is watching me mouth the words (I don't do it all the time, just sometimes) Oh!  I know!  Wappy feet!  I'm sure it's her pet peeve!  We're a match made in, well, not anywhere normal people reside, that's for sure. 

Well, I just listed for our non revenue flight to Pennsylvania leaving Thursday at the crack of dawn <---------need an updated term. Actually, we're leaving our house WAY before the sun comes up.
We're flying into Baltimore and going to a family reunion in Dover PA where my older sister lives.  This is going to be fun!  I've never been farther east than Chicago so I'm excited for a new adventure, plus I love my family. Everything always goes so smoothly- no fighting or anything. We just have a ton fun talking and joking and playing games and singing songs and breaking out in accents periodically.  I'm grateful for that even more now that I know what a rarity it is.  Wish us luck!  It's going to be interesting flying stand by with our two kiddos!  We'll most likely split up and each take a kid and hope that we both get to Baltimore via several transfers all over the country.  It'll be a fun geography lesson for the chillins.  Stay tuned for pictures!


Friday, June 10, 2011

For anyone wanting to see our family in CGCC's production of The Mikado, here is the flyer:
This production is double cast.  The Shumway cast will be featured Friday, June 24 7:30, Saturday June 25th 2pm matinee (1/2 price tickets! woot!  These will sell out first), and Tuesday June 28th 7:30


Bacon can't be stiff
Veggies must be pre-sauted
Omelet rules haiku-ed

(And oodles of cheese is a must, but unfortunately le fromage didn't make the poetic cut)
(PS- There must be a light brown crust on the outside- I hate barely cooked eggs!  Oh- and I make mine with a tri-fold. When searching for an omelet picture that accurately resembled my own I found that the tri-fold is apparently rare. huh. who knew?
(PSS- Should I mention that I'm drinking Tang with it?  I know there are mixed feelings about the astronautical beverage... :)  yummy.  We have a devilish inside joke about the prune flavored variety)

Lucky I escaped with my life

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The animals out in the desert behind our house were sooo loud the other night- I'm glad I was able to catch it on this video for proof to the webiverse.  We're lucky we got away with our lives! We= The kids, their friends the Knudsens, and me (I was babysitting)
I think the screening of The Princess Bride took their minds off of those ferocious creatures.

PS- I am so embarrassed. LOL
(You'd think I'd be embarrassed about my behavior,
but no, it's the apparent lazy eye action I've got going on here.
it's dreadful! ha ha)

Chloe and Crazies

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My precious niece, Chloe Jane, was given her baby blessing today (like a christening) and here are some pictures from the luncheon..

Julie (Aaron's older sister) with Chloe (her daughter). 
Doesn't Julie look pretty in this picture? :) 

Aaron and Brian(Chloe's dad) 
Boys will be boys....

One of my favorite dresses.  Very fifties. Goodwill, baby! 

Megan kissing cousin Chloe.. We're all crazy about this baby

like I said, we're all crazy about her ;) 

Aaron is the only one who has gotten a smiley pic with her.
soo cute :)  too bad it's blurry

 Just messing around with Karen's Samsung Galaxy S  which has a front facing camera.  Pretty Slick. From L to R- Karen(Aaron's younger sister), Courtney(niece), me, Jessica(niece)

Karen didn't like that her hair was all pulled back in the previous pic and she looked bald... so I grabbed Courtney's ponytail and put it on top of Karen's head for the next one....    

Aaron chillin with the babester.

 Didn't I mention previously in this post that we're all crazy?  The utter absurdity of the next few pictures should come as no surprise to you, then.  BTW- animated gifs are the blog rage ATM.  Running almost as rampant as acronyms.  I hate acronyms.  There are tutorials on how to animate your pictures, but I find it easier to use which will do it for you in a few seconds. 

yuck!  We are gross. 
(Oh, the little one in this is Chloe's sister, Allyson.)

Somehow I died in this one..... don't ask me how. Courtney looks very concerned.  Almost as concerned as I was when she was choked chasing a cookie down with water while doing a silly skit today- I really thought she was going to turn blue.  She's ok now though.  Back to normal. err... if it can  be said after this display that any one of us is normal.


 and nosies.

I think I look like Kevin Bacon in that last picture. HA! totally.  Speaking of which, he came out of the has-been blue in the new XMEN movie we saw yesterday- it was a decent film.  The CGI really stank though.  oh man did it stink.  Seriously, people? Just wait a month and fix your gliches!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Wolf in sheep's clothing
Maybe the wolf should be tamed
Was human at birth

Megan's week in photos


Megan has discovered that she really likes photography (using my phone)  The following is her photo exploration collage.... contents include pictures of the inside of our fridge, random green room pictures from Mikado rehearsals, her pets, people she loves, the green room toilet, art she has drawn, food she has eaten, and a pea plant she planted in a salsa bottle.  Click to enlarge and have fun.

My favorites out of this are:

Megan's pea plant in the salsa jar

I guess Alex got these donuts for Taylor (the latte boy) and didn't want anyone to touch them.  it says so on the box (in the the green room)  Did he really think that was going to dissuade a hungry actor? pshaw.

Laura (Katisha) being... well, Laura

All the pens everyone stuck in Jasmine's hair

Marc Denton (music director) taking that last swig before practicing again

Very artful angle of the script

aaaand a giggling megan taking the most flattering picture of my backside...
(There are some who find the presence of this picture on this post tasteless, however, if I change it for them, is it still a post from me?  I think not.  I think it's funny, therefore, I am posting)

I am the least baddest cook ever.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well, Matthew decided last week that he no longer likes eggs, but he still eats them....  I think maybe he had eggs in a format he didn't like recently and so he thinks he doesn't like eggs in general.  Usually whenever Matthew eats a meal, he exclaims
"this is the BEST [insert food type here] EVER!!!" 
After he took a bite of the deliciously savory omelette I made for myself this morning he changed his mind about eggs...a little...  He looked at me with wide eyes and said
"THIS is the least baddest thing I ever ate!" 
what a funny kid.