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Sunday, December 11, 2011

We had a souper fun time at crackers & co today :)  (See what I did there?  eh? eh?) Here is a pic to document the get-together.  I DID dress up all christmasy.  I was the only one, but that's ok.  I never really get an opportunity to wear these ridiculous christmas tree earrings, and Meg loves them, so I went ahead and took the plunge into crazy lady wardrobe.  From L to R:  Teresa, Tanja, Nikki, Me, Jamie.. missing a lot of our pack.  hopefully we'll see them next month when we get together for our carbo load night before we run in....
The Color Run (1st of all, that sounds totally racist, 2nd of all- we don't need to carbo load for a 5k, but we needed a reason to get together, so there it is.  And anyway, who doesn't like to carbo load??  I'd even do it before a marathon of Lost. Actually, I'm sure that that type of carbo load is more common than the racing variety now that I think about it.  Wow, this is a long side note).
annnnd ....YES! I just noticed that Tanja's baby, Lucy, is flipping the camera off.  I was hoping she would do that- she was doing it all during lunch ;)


Nancy said...

How crazy - I VT Jamie. Small world. There should always be a reason to dress up funny during Christmas. Also irony - it was a sock exchange party yet all of you are sock-less..silly.