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What I overheard...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

While I was doing my hair this morning and the kids were getting ready for school this morning I overheard them having this conversation:
Matt: Megan, you should try out for soccer cause you're a good  kicker and that's what good kickers do
Megan:  Really?  you think I'm a good kicker?
Matt: yeah. and you should try out for soccer
Megan:  Matthew, do you want to know why I don't try out for soccer?
Matt: Why?
Megan:  Cause I forgot who was on my team last time and I messed up.  And then this boy said later "YEAH MEGAN, MESS UP AGAIN!"
Matt: it's ok, you just gotta remember their names and remember what they're wearing.  You should still try out for soccer.

I like that.  It's a good day.  (And alls I've gotta say is whatever it is that someone slipped in my proverbial drink this morning is amazing.  Good mood, yummy breakfast, kids on time, ahhhhhhhhhh)


Brenden+Nikki said...

I hope and pray that's the kind of relationship my kids have with each other. Love it!