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Friday, November 18, 2011


Just thought I'd post since I'm supposed to be simultaneously hemming Megan's choir dress (that I just spent forever pinning. no not on pinterest. In REAL LIFE. whoa), painting posters for the walk-a-thon in the morning (Phoenix Children's Chorus stuff), and doing homework (Curse you, environmentalist research paper and two online bio quizzes).  This is when the most blogging gets done.

Just had a few thoughts.  First, did y'all see the google doodle today?  About Louis Daguerre?  He was the inventor of the Daguerreotype (Da-gare-o-type), the first photography process that was remotely practical or reliable.  For a long time photographs were just called Daguerreotypes. Check out some articles about him by mousing over (coining that term) this paragraph for links.

Second, I discovered that I....wait for a nerd (GASP!)  Yes, I know.  This is brand new information.  But yes, the other day I realized that whenever someone asks "how was class?" after I get out of statistics,  i say "AWESOME!  I LOVE statistics!" 

And then on Thursday I texted Aaron during BIO to tell him that we were learning about RNA translation and how awesome it was and he replied "yeah, protein synthesis is pretty cool."  and I said "oh man, we are weird." and he texted "yeah...or smart."  Ha ha ha.  I like being married to a biologist. 

Speaking of my biologist, we found out that his medical school interview is in Anaheim on December 6th, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers on that day!!  Send him some good juju :)

Ok people, leave me alone.  I need to go get stuff done. and sleep. whaaa?? I know, what a nuisance.  The need for sleep is God's way of saying, "will you please stop for a minute?" I'm glad we have that wonderful reset button.  Thanks, God.


Julie said...

Good vibes coming at you from Minnesota! December 6 is a good day in Woolley history...aka David's birthday. So it shall be a good day for Aaron!

Francesca said...

I'm a nerd too! Justin tries to be. Haha.