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Love Shack (tehe I'm so funny)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just in case you were wondering who has the best salsa in the valley, I thought I'd let you know it's the Burrito Shack.  yep. 
I stopped there at 'o dark thirty in the wet foggy morning yesterday (6:20am) and ordered 3 breakfast burritos for the kids and myself while driving home from taking Aaron to work (and yes, still wearing the plaid pj pants and a hoodie). I was the only one there and knocked on the window of the corrugated steel shack to see if they were even open yet. Yep, they were. 
The owners husband Kurt and wife Peggy were so friendly that I felt like family (such a cliche statement, but in this case completely true) I asked them what was in the breakfast burro- Peggy started listing..eggs, cheese, potatoes... and then Kurt added from the kitchen "and love!" I told them that they could leave the love in the two for my kids but I needed to replace mine with some "good luck" for my finals.  We laughed a little as I ordered then and talked about my kids and school and the catering job they'd done the night before. When they gave me the hefty bag of burritos Kurt said "Here's a little extra love since we didn't put it in your burrito"  and handed me a little Styrofoam container mark "love" and a plastic spoon. "It's a little bit of chocolate mousse left over from our job last night" Peggy added with a little smile and a twinkle in her eye. She also added as I was leaving that they sold kids size burritos for $1 so I should stop by again for lunch sometime. Wha? that's awesome.
When the kids and I got home and took out our burritos, mine had a big GOOD LUCK!!! written across the wrapper.  So yeah, like family. And besides, the burritos were fabulous.  We all ate halves of our burritos for breakfast and then I ate the rest of Matt's for lunch as I ran out the door later.  When he found out I had eaten his he bawled.  doh!  I let him eat some "love" to make up for it.  He loved it. No, really, he did.
I decided that I'm going to start a critic blog.  It's going to have reviews on everything from food to movies to stores and toys.  If you'd like to be a part of it let me know.  I'll be editor along with a few others, but as long as reviews go, I'll accept submissions from whomever would like to write them- they just have to get approved is all. 
Anywho, the reason I tell you about the impending drain on my time is because the BURRITO SHACK is going to be the subject of the first restaurant review. I'm excited to go interview them and take pictures.  They're super cool and their food is super-nom.

Burrito Shack
5663 S Power Rd
Mesa, AZ 85212
(480) 988-6017
Mon-Sat 6 am - 3 pm
Closed Sundays (yet another reason to support them!!)


Lori Thompson said...

that sounds fun! I wanna join in!!

taylors said...

We live right next to there and have always wanted to try! Thanks for the review!