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Monday, December 28, 2009

Today is Matthew's 5th birthday

My little man brings so much joy to my life

Matthew came in to this world 3 1/2 weeks early at 8lbs 2oz. He suffered from what the nurses jokingly call "wimpy white boy syndrome" basically white males develop slower than any other race or sex. His lungs weren't mature and he had to stay in the NICU for two weeks on oxygen. They air evac'ed him from Chandler Regional to Banner Desert (then Desert Sam) at 2 days old. My nurse gave me a beautiful and so-soft teddy bear from the Bombay company for me to hold since I had to stay a little longer in the original hospital and couldn't go with him. Although I had been strong and seemingly calm through the whole ordeal, I bawled when she gave it to me. I hugged that bear all night and cried.

One of the first things we noticed about Matthew is that he is all boy. He is a happy little monkey and wants to climb on and jump off of any surface he can. He breaks everything. Also, the poor kid has smelled like a boy from birth. No amount of soap, lotion or oil would make him smell non-boy (Aaron describes this smell as wet dog. I describe it as just boy). As a baby, when he had nothing better to do, he would screech. He wasn't happy or sad, he was just bored. We called him our little teradactyl.

Matthew has the perfect head. When you are near Matthew you want to rub his head. it's just the perfect shape for you to palm. He has done much to try and discourage the perfect formation of said head through various falls and bonks, but it remains to this day, the perfect shaped head. He even has had it stapled and glued. still nice. I remember when he had it stapled at age 3, his uncle Brian was with Aaron and Matthew at the hospital. Brian, being a doctor, was told by the resident dr that he could just remove the staples himself after 7 days and was given a tool to do so. Well, since Uncle Brian had to leave town before 7 days were up, it fell upon me to remove the staples with the tool. I did it wrong and instead of the staples coming out, they dug into his head. I know I know, bad mother. blah blah.... It took them forever to get the pieces of staples out and they finally had to resort to using a pair of the janitors huge wrenchy clippery thingies to get them out since non of their medical equipment could undo my stupidity. Poor Matthew did a lot of crying that day. But he still loved me. I know. He told me so.

Matthew is loving. My little Matthew has the biggest heart. Whenever he's with me at the bank and they give him a sticker, he says "Can I have one for my sister, too, please?" Or if I ever get an icecream for him and I to share he tells me we can't eat it all because we have to share some with Megan when she gets out of school. Matthew gives out compliments just like his daddy. I'll come into the living room after getting ready in the morning and he'll say "wow, mom, you look pretty today." or "Mom, your hair looks nice," or "mom, I like your shirt." Once I did Megan's hair for church or something fancy and Matthew said "Wow, Megan you look beautiful just like Rapunzel." You can bet she ate that right up. One of my favorite things is when I'm sitting at the computer or reading him a book and he reaches up and plays with my hair really gently.

Matthew loves music. I love that if I send the kids to their rooms to get dressed or play, childrens singing soon fills my house. They make up whatever words to familiar tunes or sing the Beatles or Journey or Ben Kweller..... Matthew has the sweetest little voice and listens to all the songs Megan sings us from her school music class. When he's playing he will practice singing them. He usually won't perform on demand but he knows them and loves to sing. Every time we get in the car he says, "put on the beatles put on the beatles" over and over and over. i usually snap at him that I am and to stop asking me! Either that or that it's my turn to pick the music, which is met with much dismay from the back seat. Whenever I Wanna hold Your Hand comes on, he has to be holding Megan's or my hand.

Matthew loves his daddy. I don't think I realized how much Matthew looks up to his dad until about 2 years ago. We were in the living room and i noticed that Matthew and Aaron were sitting in the exact same position. Aaron would move his leg and Matthew would move his, too. Aaron's arm would rest on the back of the couch and Matthew tried to position his the same way. I thought it was so cute and touching. It's been that way ever since. Whatever Aaron is interested in, Matthew is obsessed with, hence the Beatles. Matthew loves to spend time with Aaron even if it is just laying on his dad's chest and watching him play a video game.

Matthew loves to read (be read to). He will sit still as long as you want. All you have to do is be reading to him. He loves stories. He loves letters and if he recognizes a letter he'll point it out and say "Hey! It's the letter B! It's the letter B, mom. Mom, it's the letter B!" (He says it until he gets a response from me- which can take a while if I'm thinking about something else) He also will pretend to read. he follows the words with his finger and says the memorized words and wants us all to be so impressed that he can read (we go along with it). His smile just beams when we recognize him for being able to read.

Matthew is a good boy. The other day Matthew was out playing with the neighbor boys and their cousins who were in town for Christmas. They were having a really fun time and then Matthew came running in and asked if he could go to the park with them. I said "no, Matthew, Daddy will be home soon and then we're going to eat. I don't have time to go with you and you can't go without a parent." Matthew told me that the other kids wanted to go and their parents weren't going, but I still said no. He went out to play with whatever kids were left. about 15 minutes later I hadn't heard anything from him and I couldn't see anyone outside when I peeked out my window and over the back wall. I thought I was going to have to go get him from the park and was working myself into a tizzy when I walked out the door and called in my loudest mad voice, "MATTHEW!!!!" his cute little head popped up from behind the wall. My heart melted. No one from the group of kids had stayed, so he had stayed and played with toys alone, because his mom said no. I told him to come to me and I wrapped him up in a huge hug and told him that I was so proud of him for being obedient and that he was for sure on Santa's nice list.

I love my little Matthew. I'm sure that I baby him too much. He is 5 after all, but I don't care. He'll be my baby forever and I wish time would just stand still for a little while so I can fully enjoy this time with him.

Happy Birthday, Bubby! I love you T H I S much!

Love, Mom.

Christmas Manners for your kids......

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Before my daughter's 3rd birthday party, I taught her how to receive a gift. I told her that it doesn't matter what is in the gift, you always smile and thank the giver for the gift. I said, "Even if it's a piece of poop, you say 'Thank you SO MUCH for this piece of poop!'" This has become something we say all the time now- Thank you SO MUCH for this piece of poop!! I regret saying this, but oh well, it's something funny to quote now. LOL

Have your kids watch this! Maybe an awkward situation can be avoided this Christmas!


Monday, November 16, 2009

How on earth do I have a seven year old? I know, I can't believe it either! Megan turns 7 on Thursday- wowza! I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you what a sweet girl Megan is and recognize her for her accomplishments, not only academically, but as a sweet and loving person. (you can also see this post my friend wrote about getting to know Megan last year)

If you've met Megan, you know what a spunky girl she is. She gets SO excited about everything and can barely contain it (which lends itself to a lot of drama).

Megan is very observant. she notices everything about you and will ask you questions about why you did something or why you are feeling a certain way.

Megan is very concerned with the feelings of others and wants everyone to be happy and inspires others around her to be that way too. A couple years ago we saw a homeless man on the street in Tempe and she asked me about him. I told her that he didn't have a house to live in so he had to sit on the sidewalk. "WHAT?!?! He doesn't have a house? Let's buy him a house, mommy!" "well, Meg, that would be nice, but we barely can afford the house we are in right now. We can do little things, though, like carry a case of water in our trunk and if we see a homeless person we can give them water." We made a pact to do this.

Megan loves animals. She has a club called the Secret Cats Club where she and her club members are secretly cats who sneek around and do good things. yes, folks, there is a theme song:

Secret Cats on a secret mission

Secret Cats on a secret quest

Secret Cats gonna fight the bad guys

Cause that's what secret cats do best!

(just ask her to sing it to you the next time you see her)

We were adopted by a stray cat this week. A nice fat black cat we call licorice. My husband said that we could keep it but we'd have to take it to the vet to get shots and get neutered. I heard Megan talking to the cat afterward in her sweet little high caring voice:

"Licorice, you're going to be our pet! and you'll have to get your testicles cut off and it'll hurt, but we don't want you to have babies. and you'll be our pet and can come inside and we love you soooo much!"

I had to run in and tell Aaron. she is so funny. I had told her that word when she asked how to tell a boy cat from a girl cat a couple weeks ago.

Megan is a little sponge. If she hears it, she knows it. People often comment on what good parents we are because of how smart she is (straight A's! YAY). While I really appreciate the compliment, I must debunk the tale. If I've mentioned it once, she knows it. She has said things to me and I'll be amazed and say "who taught you that, Meg?" "you did, mom!" Wha? I did?

Megan loves to sing and dance and act. She is in A Christmas Carol children's chorus and takes Ballet. She is great at memorizing poems and got second place in the 1st grade division of the school poetry contest. She is amazingly expressive when she reads stories at night and rarely pauses to figure out words. She (as well as Matthew) loves books and has a very active imagination.

Megan is Fancy Nancy. She loves anything fancy- jewelry, feather boas, hairbows, makeup, and fancy words. On her birthday invite she wanted to make sure it said RSVP on it "because that's a fancy way to say 'call and let us know you're coming.'"

Megan is so proud of her family. She is so caring and always wants a hug. She is so proud of everything I craft and always brags about me to everyone she meets (overbearing and flattering at the same time). She is so protective of Matthew and they are two little peas in a pod. Matthew is always telling Megan how she did a good job at something or how pretty she looks and Megan blushes and sighs and returns the compliment. They are best buddies (despite the yelling they exchange sometimes)

Megan has a firm testimony of the love her Heavenly Father has for her and that He in fact, is her Father (if you are near her, she'll tell you all about it). She is trusting and has a deep understanding of the gospel principles we have taught her. You can see in her eyes that she knows this is just how it is and why on earth don't these people around her know it too? She is concerned that her friends don't go to church and invites them all the time (they still don't come)- I'm not present for every invitation but during the few I've witnessed, she matter-of-factly bares her testimony of how Heavenly Father loves them and wants them to be happy and how they need to come to church and choose the right.

Megan, I love you so much and am so proud of the little lady you've become. You are smart and caring and have made your Father in Heaven and your parents so proud!

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


I'm doing a Boutique! Come on buy oops, by.. no I meant buy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey campers :o) thought I'd let you all know about a boutique I will be selling at this week on Thursday Friday and Saturday called Country Chic Boutique (pronouned Sheek) Look me up under Sweet Pea Designs
Poster CountryChic[1]

New Garden Blog

Saturday, October 31, 2009

After doing a booth on Mittleider gardening this morning at the Stake Community Preparedness Fair and Breakfast, I decided to make a separate gardening blog where I have copied all the gordening posts from this blog as well as posted the planting schedule for Maricopa county (What to plant and when) and all the other information I told you about today!

My Big Girl

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Megan got her 1st grade school pictures back this week.... I am appalled at how fast children grown up. I remember 1st grade! That means she's gonna remember how crazy I am- I thought I could change before she'd remember. oh well.
Here she is!

Ha ha! She is so funny! They said smile and she smiled with her whole face! :o) I love her- what a cute girl! She's grown up so much in the last year! Here was her kindergarten pic:

And you peeps with little kids who think elementary school is so far off- this next pic seems like just yesterday:

Ok, I'm going to stop adding to this post. it's making me sad. I love my baby girl!

Free Hairbow Class

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, I will be teaching this one- There will be goodies to eat and a Scentsy Table too. I'm teaching very basic bows (the ones pictured) in this installment- different types will be taught in the next few months as well as a bow holder class. fun fun!

Kids Eat Free Through October!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hey peoples- I thought this was worthy of a post. Kids eat free at Boston Market through the month of October! awesome. I love that it's not one free kids meal but two with an adult entree purchase.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok, I know you are all wondering what to do with your lives now that the Shumway Family Blog hasn't been updated SINCE JUNE. wow.. I am so sorry about that. I truly apologize!!

A few things we've been up to:

Great fourth of July at the Kennedy's firework show in Mesa (our tradition) and I have a yummy tart recipe for you- it turned out so good!

Family Reunion on Mt Hood in Oregon woot woot. we had so much fun.

Megan tubing on trillion lake with mt hood in the background

Meg, Matthew, and cousin Grant (Meg and Grant were like two peas in a pod for the whole reunion)

Aaron and McKell (my brother) going out in one of the canoes (matthew fishing in the foreground)

Rob (another of my brothers) with Meg, Matthew, and Colin (Cousin-he and Matt look a lot alike)


I joined Toastmasters. I gave my first speech two weeks ago and it was so much fun! If you're interested in going let me know and you can be my guest sometime :o)


Megan and Matthew have started Ballet at Yen-li Chen's Ballet School


I have been finishing adding content to the Drs. Goodman & Partridge, OB/GYN Website (It won't be up for a couple months-the web designers are working their magic and it's gonna be an awesome, expansive, and totally helpful site)


I started a different diet because I was reading about the colon cleanse and supposedly it reduces your ability to absorb medicine and so I stopped taking it after a week. The replacement diet was the HCG diet. I just finished it 2 weeks ago and lost a total of 17 lbs. I had to wait at least a month before starting it again which I will be doing in October. I'm really happy with the results. It makes you crave vegetables and fresh food (at least it does me) and changes your metabolism. It has changed my brain more than anything. I eat smaller portions and healthier foods spread throughout the day. Let see how it holds up!


Our garden fried with the hot weather, and had I been a true mittleid-er I would've hung my shade cloth before leaving on vacation, but alas, I am a lazy person with an aversion to very hot temperatures and so it did not get done. Once I got back I tried in all futility to water the garden and after a week I gave up and let it die all the way. Horay for fall and second chances. I will be panting my fall garden soon and this one will do WAY better!
I started teaching at Sunshine Sharing Preschool and love it. The kids are so fun to be around and I tweet a cute quote from them every time I teach. Here is the most recent example of a Preschool quote:
(we focus on a different phonogram every day- this particular day was "d"- we read books, sing songs and eat snacks that start with this phonogram)
T: "K" go back and sit down at the table with the other kids and eat your d-donuts
K: But I'm d-d-d-done

Diet Fad I'm trying

Monday, June 29, 2009

I decided that I am going to try the famed acai berry and colon cleanse combo..... we'll see how it goes! I took my first pills this morning with my free chick-fil-a and jamba juice breakfast :o)

Bath & Body Works freebie

Great deals at Bath and Boday works- buy three, get three free AND here's a great coupon for FREE Anti-Bacterial Foaming hand sanitizer when you spend at least $4 there.


This week, Chick-fil-A is offering free breakfasts! Here is the schedule:

Monday: Chick-n-minis (3-count)
Tuesday: Sausage Biscuit
Wednesday: Chicken Breakfast Burrito
Thursday: Chicken Biscuit
Friday: Chick-n-minis (3-count)

Rules: You have to be present to get it- you cannot get one for someone who is not there. It cannot be part of a breakfast meal- you can order the hashbrowns and a drink, but it wont be priced as a meal.

We went this morning and just drove through the drivethru and got our three meals and then over to Jamba juice to get a Mango-a-go-go smoothie. yummm. Click HERE to get a buy one get one free jamba smoothie coupon. If you want to try to make one of these at home, here is a recipe:

(Jamba Juice Copycat)

1 Cup passion fruit / mango juice
1 Cup pineapple sherbet
1 1/2 Cups frozen mango
1/2 Cup ice

1. Pour measured amount of liquid into blender.
2. Add frozen ingredients, except ice. Add fresh or frozen fruit. Add ice. Begin blending on low.
3. After about 30 seconds blend on high until you see the whirl at the center of the blender cup.
4. Take the lid off and tap on the side of the blender cup while pouring.
For the proper thickness, your smoothie should form a mound in the cup.

wow, it's been a month!!!

SOOOOO sorry for not posting all this month! It's been a tiny bit insane. We've been so busy and we even forgot about the ballet summer camp that Megan was supposed to attend last week. grr... $60 down to drain!

I went to girls camp at Taylor Ranch in Pinedale and we had a great time-
the weather was great and the girls had a ball. I drove a suburban and hauled a trailor-that was a scary and empowering experience. When we were leaving camp on Saturday one of the men that came to help us, watched me back up and said, "wow, I've never known a woman that could successfully back up a trailor." Yup, that felt good! ha ha.

Megan lost two teeth this month- one while I was at girls camp, the other while I was at mutual... do we see a pattern forming? I was so sad to have missed it, but at least I get to see her cute toothless smile every day!
The garden is growing like crazy and I have videos, it just takes a lot of time to upload them and can't since I'm always on the computer doing some kind of work: Getting ready to be a preschool teacher in August, filling in content on Drs. Goodman & Partridges new under construction website (I'll let you all know when it's done and you can give me some feedback), and getting time sensitive information to different time sensitive people :o) Anyway, here are some pictures I snapped today- sorry it's not video!kids garden
our tallest sunflower- about 6 feet
We are so excited for our annual independence day tradition this Saturday of BBQ & swimming with the Goodmans and "Private" rockin R fireworks at the Kennedy's house with cotton candy, popcorn, and sno-cones. Awesome.
Next week we will be going to our Harward Family Reunion on Mt.Hood in Oregon. We will be staying at my brother's cabin and participating in activities like rapelling, canoeing, swimming, fishing, tubing, hiking, shooting, fun family games, riding down the alpine slides at skibowl and geocaching. We will also have to see about bringing our potato gun/launcher to have another contest like we did in Colorado. I have to say, our family always has a great time when we get together and I'm so excited to go!

6-week Progress and Garlic!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey y'all! Here is the 6 week progress video(s). I took two different videos and I like both so I'm showing both :o)

Also, I dug our garlic up, braided the roots together and hung it to dry! I'm sad that I only harvested 2 of them- the others I had to dig up and transplant to pots to make room for the garden in April and I wasn't able to save them- the larger of these two was transplanted and did alright but I had three die on me :o( I ripped too many roots. I can't wait to plant some more in October! What fun!

5-week Progress

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who are these weirdos, anyway?

The Kinder-Graduate and More

This last week Megan had her last day of Kindergarten and her graduation (or promotion if you will). She is now a big first-grader! Wow, time flies... I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing when she gets married... tomorrow. ha ha.She just loved her teacher, Mrs. Memmott (whom I will be teaching with next year)Here she is with her good friend and carpool buddy, Carsen. And here's our family in the gym in front of the "Panthers" wall pads. Megan's teacher gave them all a big packet of homework that she said they could do "if they get bored this summer." Megan's already done a little of it. ha ha. She loves school. Saturday we had an end of the school year family day. We went swimming all day (meaning from 2-5) and then Aaron BBQ'd for us with his new grill I got him for graduation. He grilled steaks, pineapple, and corn on the cob. Delish!

After dinner I hurried off to a coupon party that my friends invited me to for coupon sense. I had heard of it a million times before but hadn't joined. I'm now a newbie member and I'll be posting my savings every time I go shopping. Aren't you excited? I didn't realize how cheap it was- I thought it cost like $60 to join, but no, the first month is a trial month and only costs $4. and then $14 per month after. Crazy, you say? Crazy-Awesome, I say. Especially when you save a few hundred a month and build up your food storage quicker than you can say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.

4-week progress

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Click here for the 3-week progress. You will be amazed at how much all of this stuff has grown in a week. Here is a video of my garden in it's 4th week of existance. I'll do a tutorial on the pvc watering system for you guys if you want, just let me know. It was a lot of fun and it now takes about 1 minute to water my garden. awesome.

If you haven't read about the garden, please see

Graduation. yippee!!

On our way to the grajiation- The kids were very excited!! Here is our view from the 3rd tier in Grady Gammage Audutorium

We were so glad that my mom got to come from UT to be here! Thanks mom!!Here are Aaron's sisters and meHere is Karen (and val)And Val. I don't think we have ever looked more alike than in this picture.Aaron is the blurry hunk in the middle of the pictureMatthew was so excited for Aaron's graduation- he kept saying this and that about "my daddy's graduation" he just beamed when Aaron picked him up after the ceremony.Megan loooooves her daddy.Me and my bachelor husband... uhhhh...ok. I know that it sounds weird for me to be proud that my husband is a bachelor, but I am :o) A Bachelor of Applied Biological Sciences. Yay honey! Don't ask me what happened in this picture- I have no idea, but I thought it was funny, so I'm sharing :o)Aaron's parents- We are sure glad that his dad could come from Montana for the graduation. We miss him so much! They got Aaron a kindle 2 for graduation. Aaron is in p.d.a. heaven. (no, the other kind of pda- we have not made it a point to be lovey about town)Aaron's sisters are amazed at his vast knowledge.... (Val is holding the "diploma") What goof-offs.....Ahhhh there we go. Aaron's sisters Val and Karen are so proud of him for finishing school. The movie Tommy boy keeps popping into my head during this post. Aaron and the Harwards :o) Thank you Goodmans, for coming! You are family :o) right? since Aaron's cousins' cousin married Nick's Brother..... That counts! We are glad you could come :o) We had a great day with Family and friends and a great graduation party on Saturday- Thanks everyone for your well-wishes, love, and support!!