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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey howdy hey, y'all. Goals are such an important part of life.  Without setting goals you're kind of a wanderer not knowing where you're headed exactly and not striving to improve.  It's customary to set goals and resolve to do things better each New Years Day to last throughout the coming year.  I know, I know, it's already the 6th and I'm just barely telling you about my year's resolutions.  Well, that doesn't mean I haven't started, it just means I procrastinated the day I have to be accountable for any of it. :)  So... drum roll please.... 


1. Be a hugger.
Yes, I know. that's a little strange.  Especially since I'm a self-proclaimed non-hugger.  no-touchy. wow. that was a lot of hyphenated words just then.  Anywho, I was at my friend, Shelly's house three weeks ago and we were leaving and she said oh wait- hang on!  I need to give you a hug! and she came up and hugged me- She said "We (she and her husband) decided that we are going to be huggers."  I really liked the idea.  Just avoid the awkward to hug or not to hug Macbethian conundrum altogether and just know that you're gonna hug.  I tried it out on my sister in law,  She was leaving our house and I said "Oh, wait Val!  I need to hug you!" She gave me the eyebrow- "You- a hugger? Wow!"  I surprised my mother in law the other night by hugging her.  She's been my mother in law for 11 years now and I've maybe hugged her 3 times.  When we leave every Sunday night she hugs my kids and my husband and I don't get one because I've made it known that I just don't hug.  It felt good.  And now writing about it I'm getting all teary cause it really did just feel good.  I love my in-laws.  why not just hug 'em?

2. Do one act of kindness every day.
This can be as simple as a phone call or email "just because," or babysitting or taking someone a treat or out to lunch.  Today I'm cleaning my husband's long overdue closet out. :) and hopefully I'll get to the rest of the room, but if not, at least his closet will be nice and organized.  I'm really excited about this goal because there is no quicker way to happiness than through service. and I really want to be happy all the time. I hate being sad. Hey- I can probably work the hugger thing in to this goal as well.... look out world!

3. Be able to play the piano proficiently by the end of the year. 
I can read music and play the piano, but very jointedly and slowly.  I'm a much better vocal sight reader because that's only one note! not 4 or 6 notes at a time!  Anyway, I have a piano and a synthesizer but the piano is 150 years old and is missing  some hammers and some of the hammers are miss-aligned so one key plays two notes, besides which it is out of tune enough to make a deaf person cringe. Oh, and I can't find the AC cord for my synthesizer. So I've been practicing on a mute synthesizer for the last three days. HA HA!  Hopefully when I clean and organize our room today I'll find that dang cord!
BTW- I'm glad to announce that I haven't missed a single note- at least none that I can hear. dont laugh. ;)

4. Play a gig somewhere.
I know I know. what?!?!?!  I just have really wanted to do this all my life and I decided that this is the year.  I don't even care what kind of music it is or where I am.  I'm not even in a band. LOL I'm gonna have to pull a few strings, but I'm gonna do it. 

Two weeks ago we had a family home evening lesson on setting goals and the kids paid attention the entire time! wha?! so I thought I'd share the lesson with you all. Click here for the scribd file
Good luck with your goals!  Comment and let me know what your resolutions are!  I'd love to hear!


Sera Lucia said...

Resolutions... hmm.... Well our dear friend Cassidy Bunker is doing a 60 Day Challenge that's starting on Monday, and that's exciting. But as for actual resolutions... I've decided that I guess I can be rude without meaning to be, more blunt or something, so I'll try to work on that. And I need to get my stretched-out tummy muscles back to being firm before another baby goes and stretches them out again.
That's all I've got for now, but in a few months I';m sure I will have more :)
I like your hugger idea, I should try that a little more, it always get caught in the weird middle.

Karen said...

I love your goals, and I love your hug goal. I am a hugger so I need some Stephanie hugs! :) I didn't make any this year because I never follow through on resolutions and then am disappointed at the end of the year. So I just make little goals each week.