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2011 Resolve, 2012 Redo

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before I forget to add it to this post, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Dang, I just re-read my resolutions from the beginning of 2011.... I kind of didn't do so hot this year..  but they are my current goals I'm working on, so maybe I'll just make a push to finish them this year, eh? Maybe all except the hugging thing. That was a little ummmmmm awkward- actually it really wasn't too bad, but I found myself telling people that it was my resolution when I did it.  Maybe this year I'll just resolve to make it more natural and build up an expectation that "Stephanie just hugs?"  Whatever, I'm going to barf rainbows if I talk about hugging anymore.

 Yeah, that's right, double rainbow, bizashi.  Go skim this first for my old 2011 resolutions
Here is how I'm going to take action to tackle my second year of these resolutions:

1. Be a more affectionate person altogether- I'm going to make a bracelet or ring that, when I see it, will remind me to talk to people and focus on them and not think of myself at all- trying hard to remember all the details of whatever they are telling me.  I think this will help me care about them more and be less awkward with the hug that will inevitably come. kapiche?

2. Do one act of kindness every day... I have been service-minded this year, but unfortunately when the thought came it was "I really wish I had time to help them," or "if I had time I'd do x y z" OR "if I had money, I'd do blah blah blah" I did go out of my way to help people this year, but it was rarer than I'd have liked it to have been. I'm going to resolve to do the one act every day and who cares if I don't have time or money, it can still be done and I'm going to do it.  I'm going to put a post-it on the edge of my computer screen with the quote from a hymn "Have I done any good in the world today?" 'Cause, let's face it, the computer sucks your life away. Well, it wont suck mine away, no sir.  Even though I just opened a facebook account. oy vey- we'll see how long that lasts- I might have to ixnay the acebookfay if it and productive living prove to be mutually exclusive

3. I have definitely not become proficient at piano. I think I've only touched a real piano once a week only to find a starting pitch for songs I was singing in voice. I piddle whenever there is a piano nearby, but that's not real practice, only sight reading. I'm pretty close but I just need that extra push/practice; really I just need to be accountable to someone for my daily practice.  Which is why I signed up to take class piano on monday and wednesday morning sat CGCC this Spring- which also made it so I had to change science classes just to do this. Now I'm taking a natural disasters and geology or some such nonsense (I figured that will be useful in Dom since there are 9 active volcano's and we'll also get hit pretty good during tornado season). I have a feeling that I'm going to be the branch pianist (church pianist for a very very small church) in Dominica so I had better get crackin.  Speaking of which I saw pictures of the church building- I love it.  it's bright lime green!
That's Aaron cousin, Lincoln, in the doorway- he's attending Ross right now
4. Alright people, here's your task for the next couple months. Find a band that wants a female guest singer for at least one song and give me their info.  I AM going to play or sing at some kind of gig, gosh-dang-darn-fruity-nab-it! I can play piano or guitar or ukulele, I just need enough time to practice whatever I need to perform.  (tee hee- forget what I said before about not being able to play proficiently- you don't need mad skills for most rock/indie songs). ready set go.  thanks in advance! ha ha. no really.  no seriously.  I'm NOT joking.  I think I must have the reputation of being overly sarcastic cause you're all still staring at your computer screens and not calling your musician friends. hrmph!  Guess I'm going to have to get up and do it myself. Wee-haw! 
Here we go, 2012!


Nancy said...

I so look forward to new years' resolutions. I haven't quite fine tuned mine yet, I still have at least 12 hours though.

Francesca said...

I wouldn't have guessed you weren't the hugger type! Funny.

My dad is in a band and they would let you sing...if you were in California.