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Avert Your Sensitive Eyes....

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ok, so  this is a little irreverent- sorry about this...  It's just funny and since I don't keep a for-real journal I need to put it on here....  here goes.

I am the ULTIMATE soccer mom. 
I AM the TAXI of the century. 
Every day we load the sleeping children in the car at 5:30am to take Aaron the 13 miles to work by 6am.  Then I drive home and scramble to get the kids and myself ready, fed, get lunches made and leave at 7:40am where I run them and two kindergartner boys in the carpool to school in Queen Creek and then go straight to my school about 8 miles away.  After my school is done at about 2:30 I go pick the kids up at 3 and then go to straight to Aaron's school about 14 miles now (while the kids do their homework in the car) and pick him up and we are all home by about 4 or 4:15pm.  and then I fix dinner and try and do homework. or if it's on a night that I have school or Matt has Soccer or Megan has choir, there is that driving as well. 
Welllll... the only reason I tell you all that is so you can imagine how I don't like to stop for errands or pretty much anything.  SO much of our time is taken up in the car - and Aaron actually gets off work at 3 so he's just hum hah-ing waiting for us to pick him up. 
Lately Matt hasn't been going to the bathroom when he gets a chance during recess and right after we leave the school he'll squeal
"I GOTTA GO POTTTTYYYY!!"  So we have to find a gas station or somewhere to stop and let him go.  It eats up so much of our time. 
Well the other day, Megan had a concert for PCC that she had to get to in Scottsdale at 5 and I actually signed the kids out 15 minutes early so that I could get Aaron, then drive home, and then Aaron could leave immediately for the concert with Meg since it takes and hour to get there.
Of COURSE as soon as we left the school, Matt did it. AGAIN.  I said "tough luck, kid, I'm not stoppin for anything. You're gonna have to wait until we get to daddy's work." He started squealing and crying and said "I REALLY have to go!!! EEEEEEEE!!!"  I gave him a plastic water bottle and said "go to the back seat and pee in that"  He was like "WHA?  I can't pee in this!"  I said  "I am the pee pee genius.  I can pee in anything. Trust me- you can pee in that."  LOL  So now for the last week the kids have called me the "pee pee genius."  Megan did it, too and I made her go in a QT cup.  I'm such a good mom.  I've taken enough road trips and have had to ugently go to the bathroom in enough unfriendly circumstances that I really can go anywhere and in anything. ha ha ha.  And Meg can squat as good as Sacagawea.  She's had to teach her friend and her cousin.  Yay camping trips.
Anyway, sorry that was such a weird post.  I just had it on my mind cause the kids called me Pee Pee Genius again today. hilarious.

One more thing...speaking of potty- I was just in the bathroom and noticed...
Wha?  Who  on EARTH?!  This is probably the 4th happiest day of my life.  I don't even know who it was and I don't even care that it's on backwards.  I just care that I didn't have to do it. WOW.  My world has been rocked.  Thank you, little elf that I gave birth to.


Sera Lucia said...

I've known you're the Pee Pee Genius for a while. Remember when you FILLED a Big Gulp cup?
Good times.

Stephanie Shumway said...

ha ha ha! GROSS! For some reason it's different when someone else talks about it. LOL ........and yes, I remember.....