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wow, it's been a month!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

SOOOOO sorry for not posting all this month! It's been a tiny bit insane. We've been so busy and we even forgot about the ballet summer camp that Megan was supposed to attend last week. grr... $60 down to drain!

I went to girls camp at Taylor Ranch in Pinedale and we had a great time-
the weather was great and the girls had a ball. I drove a suburban and hauled a trailor-that was a scary and empowering experience. When we were leaving camp on Saturday one of the men that came to help us, watched me back up and said, "wow, I've never known a woman that could successfully back up a trailor." Yup, that felt good! ha ha.

Megan lost two teeth this month- one while I was at girls camp, the other while I was at mutual... do we see a pattern forming? I was so sad to have missed it, but at least I get to see her cute toothless smile every day!
The garden is growing like crazy and I have videos, it just takes a lot of time to upload them and can't since I'm always on the computer doing some kind of work: Getting ready to be a preschool teacher in August, filling in content on Drs. Goodman & Partridges new under construction website (I'll let you all know when it's done and you can give me some feedback), and getting time sensitive information to different time sensitive people :o) Anyway, here are some pictures I snapped today- sorry it's not video!kids garden
our tallest sunflower- about 6 feet
We are so excited for our annual independence day tradition this Saturday of BBQ & swimming with the Goodmans and "Private" rockin R fireworks at the Kennedy's house with cotton candy, popcorn, and sno-cones. Awesome.
Next week we will be going to our Harward Family Reunion on Mt.Hood in Oregon. We will be staying at my brother's cabin and participating in activities like rapelling, canoeing, swimming, fishing, tubing, hiking, shooting, fun family games, riding down the alpine slides at skibowl and geocaching. We will also have to see about bringing our potato gun/launcher to have another contest like we did in Colorado. I have to say, our family always has a great time when we get together and I'm so excited to go!


The Rasmussen Fam said...

HOORAY for family reunions! And new posts! :) We're SO excited to see you next week! Can you believe it's so close?

Julie said...

Have a great reunion and give everybody our love from MN. Wish I was a Harward...sounds so fun!

Melissa Braegger said...

Hey Stephanie I also went to Taylor Ranch for Girls Camp are you in the Greenfield Stake? That would have been so funny that I was there the whole time and didn't see you at all. I'm glad you had fun-I did too.