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Christmas Manners for your kids......

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Before my daughter's 3rd birthday party, I taught her how to receive a gift. I told her that it doesn't matter what is in the gift, you always smile and thank the giver for the gift. I said, "Even if it's a piece of poop, you say 'Thank you SO MUCH for this piece of poop!'" This has become something we say all the time now- Thank you SO MUCH for this piece of poop!! I regret saying this, but oh well, it's something funny to quote now. LOL

Have your kids watch this! Maybe an awkward situation can be avoided this Christmas!


Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha ha ha I kinda want to give Megan a fake piece of poop (you know those ones they sell in Spencers) just so I can hear her say "Thanks for this piece of poop." Ha ha I would die from laughter. What a little sweetheart.