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6-week Progress and Garlic!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey y'all! Here is the 6 week progress video(s). I took two different videos and I like both so I'm showing both :o)

Also, I dug our garlic up, braided the roots together and hung it to dry! I'm sad that I only harvested 2 of them- the others I had to dig up and transplant to pots to make room for the garden in April and I wasn't able to save them- the larger of these two was transplanted and did alright but I had three die on me :o( I ripped too many roots. I can't wait to plant some more in October! What fun!


Paul and Celeste said...

I love to watch your progress every time I drive down our street - it's fun to see your garden growing! I'd say it's a success! :-)

The Rasmussen Fam said...

Oh Stephy,
That little garlic braid is SO YOU! :) You make me laugh and congrats on the gardening! I love seeing your progress, and it's a big feat in the valley of the sun!

Jane Harward said...

Holy Cowabunga! It is now a VERTICAL garden! Did you build the T-supports by yourself? You little handy-woman, you!
Love, Mom