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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok, I know you are all wondering what to do with your lives now that the Shumway Family Blog hasn't been updated SINCE JUNE. wow.. I am so sorry about that. I truly apologize!!

A few things we've been up to:

Great fourth of July at the Kennedy's firework show in Mesa (our tradition) and I have a yummy tart recipe for you- it turned out so good!

Family Reunion on Mt Hood in Oregon woot woot. we had so much fun.

Megan tubing on trillion lake with mt hood in the background

Meg, Matthew, and cousin Grant (Meg and Grant were like two peas in a pod for the whole reunion)

Aaron and McKell (my brother) going out in one of the canoes (matthew fishing in the foreground)

Rob (another of my brothers) with Meg, Matthew, and Colin (Cousin-he and Matt look a lot alike)


I joined Toastmasters. I gave my first speech two weeks ago and it was so much fun! If you're interested in going let me know and you can be my guest sometime :o)


Megan and Matthew have started Ballet at Yen-li Chen's Ballet School


I have been finishing adding content to the Drs. Goodman & Partridge, OB/GYN Website (It won't be up for a couple months-the web designers are working their magic and it's gonna be an awesome, expansive, and totally helpful site)


I started a different diet because I was reading about the colon cleanse and supposedly it reduces your ability to absorb medicine and so I stopped taking it after a week. The replacement diet was the HCG diet. I just finished it 2 weeks ago and lost a total of 17 lbs. I had to wait at least a month before starting it again which I will be doing in October. I'm really happy with the results. It makes you crave vegetables and fresh food (at least it does me) and changes your metabolism. It has changed my brain more than anything. I eat smaller portions and healthier foods spread throughout the day. Let see how it holds up!


Our garden fried with the hot weather, and had I been a true mittleid-er I would've hung my shade cloth before leaving on vacation, but alas, I am a lazy person with an aversion to very hot temperatures and so it did not get done. Once I got back I tried in all futility to water the garden and after a week I gave up and let it die all the way. Horay for fall and second chances. I will be panting my fall garden soon and this one will do WAY better!
I started teaching at Sunshine Sharing Preschool and love it. The kids are so fun to be around and I tweet a cute quote from them every time I teach. Here is the most recent example of a Preschool quote:
(we focus on a different phonogram every day- this particular day was "d"- we read books, sing songs and eat snacks that start with this phonogram)
T: "K" go back and sit down at the table with the other kids and eat your d-donuts
K: But I'm d-d-d-done


Karen said...

I'm so glad you're back! And I'd love to hear about Toastmasters. What do you do and why did you join it? Love ya!

Karen said...

I forgot to say congrats on the weight loss, I'm proud of you! And those pics at the lake are so beautiful, wish we could've been there to play with you!