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Monday, November 16, 2009

How on earth do I have a seven year old? I know, I can't believe it either! Megan turns 7 on Thursday- wowza! I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you what a sweet girl Megan is and recognize her for her accomplishments, not only academically, but as a sweet and loving person. (you can also see this post my friend wrote about getting to know Megan last year)

If you've met Megan, you know what a spunky girl she is. She gets SO excited about everything and can barely contain it (which lends itself to a lot of drama).

Megan is very observant. she notices everything about you and will ask you questions about why you did something or why you are feeling a certain way.

Megan is very concerned with the feelings of others and wants everyone to be happy and inspires others around her to be that way too. A couple years ago we saw a homeless man on the street in Tempe and she asked me about him. I told her that he didn't have a house to live in so he had to sit on the sidewalk. "WHAT?!?! He doesn't have a house? Let's buy him a house, mommy!" "well, Meg, that would be nice, but we barely can afford the house we are in right now. We can do little things, though, like carry a case of water in our trunk and if we see a homeless person we can give them water." We made a pact to do this.

Megan loves animals. She has a club called the Secret Cats Club where she and her club members are secretly cats who sneek around and do good things. yes, folks, there is a theme song:

Secret Cats on a secret mission

Secret Cats on a secret quest

Secret Cats gonna fight the bad guys

Cause that's what secret cats do best!

(just ask her to sing it to you the next time you see her)

We were adopted by a stray cat this week. A nice fat black cat we call licorice. My husband said that we could keep it but we'd have to take it to the vet to get shots and get neutered. I heard Megan talking to the cat afterward in her sweet little high caring voice:

"Licorice, you're going to be our pet! and you'll have to get your testicles cut off and it'll hurt, but we don't want you to have babies. and you'll be our pet and can come inside and we love you soooo much!"

I had to run in and tell Aaron. she is so funny. I had told her that word when she asked how to tell a boy cat from a girl cat a couple weeks ago.

Megan is a little sponge. If she hears it, she knows it. People often comment on what good parents we are because of how smart she is (straight A's! YAY). While I really appreciate the compliment, I must debunk the tale. If I've mentioned it once, she knows it. She has said things to me and I'll be amazed and say "who taught you that, Meg?" "you did, mom!" Wha? I did?

Megan loves to sing and dance and act. She is in A Christmas Carol children's chorus and takes Ballet. She is great at memorizing poems and got second place in the 1st grade division of the school poetry contest. She is amazingly expressive when she reads stories at night and rarely pauses to figure out words. She (as well as Matthew) loves books and has a very active imagination.

Megan is Fancy Nancy. She loves anything fancy- jewelry, feather boas, hairbows, makeup, and fancy words. On her birthday invite she wanted to make sure it said RSVP on it "because that's a fancy way to say 'call and let us know you're coming.'"

Megan is so proud of her family. She is so caring and always wants a hug. She is so proud of everything I craft and always brags about me to everyone she meets (overbearing and flattering at the same time). She is so protective of Matthew and they are two little peas in a pod. Matthew is always telling Megan how she did a good job at something or how pretty she looks and Megan blushes and sighs and returns the compliment. They are best buddies (despite the yelling they exchange sometimes)

Megan has a firm testimony of the love her Heavenly Father has for her and that He in fact, is her Father (if you are near her, she'll tell you all about it). She is trusting and has a deep understanding of the gospel principles we have taught her. You can see in her eyes that she knows this is just how it is and why on earth don't these people around her know it too? She is concerned that her friends don't go to church and invites them all the time (they still don't come)- I'm not present for every invitation but during the few I've witnessed, she matter-of-factly bares her testimony of how Heavenly Father loves them and wants them to be happy and how they need to come to church and choose the right.

Megan, I love you so much and am so proud of the little lady you've become. You are smart and caring and have made your Father in Heaven and your parents so proud!

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!



Karen said...

She is such a good girl, and we love her too!

The Rasmussen Fam said...

Megan we love you! Aunt Katie likes fancy words too. :) Have a very Happy Birthday!

Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha I'm dying about the cat story. I love Megan. I'm sure Licorice felt much better after she explained the procedure to him so.....bluntly. ha ha I'm dying.

Sandra said...

Can I join the secret cat club? I love cats. Has she ever read Pickles, the Firehouse Cat by Esther Averill? She really should. It has a cat club in it.