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Gardening with Mittleider part III

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Before reading this post, please be sure to read:

- by the way, Matthew has his own small shovel now :o)

I have the rest of the initial videos downloaded and so here is part III: (while some of these things seem simple to a lot of us, not everyone here has even picked up a shovel, so, there you go.)

So sorry about the tutu folks. Welcome to my life :o)

This one is really dark, SO sorry!

So basically just wrap the end of a dishtowel around the end of your hose and rubberband it in place. Lay the towel-hose at the end of the row between the peaks, turn the water on low and let it seep out to fill up the row 1" deep full of water. I water mine every morning so they are watered and ready to face the HEAT! 105 degrees today! I need to get my shade cloth! (we will talk about this soon)