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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hi friends- thanks so much for your support and kind comments! I love you all- except you, Hal, you're a real stinker.

Anyway, I thought I'd catch you up on the goings on- Megan just gave her first shot all by herself today at lunch time. Right in the thigh and then at dinner she did it in her tummy. What a grown up 8 yr old. She's dealing with it well- She has a friend in her class named Rylee that was just diagnosed with it 6 months ago and they sit and eat together and go to the nurse's office together. About a month ago Rylee's mother came in to educate the class about diabetes and everything that Rylee had to do like poke her finger and take shots and count how many carbohydrates were in her food. Megan was super interested in it and paid very close attention and came home and told me all about it. I think that was a tender mercy that helped Megan in this whole situation. She already knew all about it and didn't have the whole "fear of the unknown" factor.  Anywho, I am so impressed with how smoothly this went for her. I'm taking her in to Cardons on Wednesday for diabetes education.

Everything has come into place so easily that I can honestly say the only thing (besides the diagnosis) that I would change in this whole scenario is the timing. I think that one week from now would've been an excellent time to get the news instead of right before finals when I'm trying to memorize Italian and German lyrics for my juried vocal recitation on Friday and write term papers for a few classes- and study to be able to correctly identify the composer, genre/style/form, date, and texture for 25 Baroque Compositions just by hearing them. And perform a psychology experiment.  It's a little much. With that being said, I smashed my last vocal recital on Saturday- the Musical Theatre Concert (as opposed to classical). I sang Vanilla Ice Cream from She Loves Me and pulled it off swimmingly. it was awesomesauce. I will get a recording and put it up here. ok, I gotta get to my homework.  I'm on the clock. life's clock. tick tock.


Jenny Knudsen said...

You are such an overachiever! :) I am amazed by you and your busy life. Take a deep breath and get it done! :)

Brittney said...

Wow, girl. I'm so glad Megan's doing well with everything. Can't wait to hear your recording!