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Milk all down my front

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yep- I just spilled milk all down my front.  Why does the cup come at me so fast? geeeeze.  yes, I was using a cup (a Lightening McQueen mug if you must know).  I think sometimes my spacial awareness is lacking in accuracy.  "Oh shoot- my face was closer than I thought it was"-then the milk floods my face and there goes milk all down my front. bleh.  By the way, it's whole milk :)  it was on sale for 99¢ a gallon. wee wah! Doesn't whole milk just give you a warm feeling inside? yummmm. I'm guessing that warm center is the weight gain center. It's warm cause you've given it work to do when you drink things like whole milk. Man were we wrong about that warm feeling inside. 

HOLY SHNIKIES!  It hurts my throat when I sneeze. wowza.

Do you just love these totally random posts? 

BTW- The Mikado is double cast and the other two leads fit perfectly with Aaron and I- meaning- the other male lead is lean and small and the other female lead is taller... Last night at practice they had us coupled to sing with them instead of eachother (ie I, being 5 feet tall, was with the other male lead instead of Aaron).  I think that they're going to end up putting Aaron and I in different casts. booo!!!  Dang my shortness.


Brittney said...

Lame! They can't do that! Well, I guess they can but I don't give my consent. I want to see you guys together!

Jenny Knudsen said...

BOO! I want to see you guys together too! Lets go on strike!

Brenden+Nikki said...

mmmm whole milk. That's all we drink in this house. Probably because that's what Collin drinks and I'm too lazy to buy two kinds. But now that it's all I've been drinking for the last year, even 2% seems watery.

Hope your throat is feeling better. I finally got over it this week (although I'm still hit with coughing attacks every night at 3am sharp. Like clock work. no joke.) and then what happened yesterday? BAM, Collin got sick. Now he's been sick all day, and BAM guess who got a 100.2* temp this afternoon? ELLE! SERIOUSLY!? That kind of thing should be illegal! I'm up to my chin in sickness for Pete's sake!