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Friday, May 13, 2011

Anyone remember this picture?
  I'm in the middle between Monique Maughnn and Angie Rhoton.  I think I was about hmmmm maybe 20 or 21 when I last played Yum Yum in the Mikado.  This was one of my favorite roles.  I love this show!  It's sooo fun!  Well, it turns out that I'm going to be playing the role once more, but this time I get to have a different Nanki-Poo (Lead male). drumroll please... it's Aaron!
Yep, Aaron and I will be performing in CGCC's Mikado together again and I get to smother my honey with kisses and faint when I listen to his beautiful tenor voice!  I'm SO excited for Aaron to be Nanki-Poo.  I don't know of another show that would highlight his smooth, make-you-melt tenor voice the way this one will :)  Well, besides Pirates of Penzance, but he has already been Frederic in POP (@CGCC).  AND our kids will be in it, too.  Anyway, I thought I'd share the exciting news that I got an hour ago.  The performances will be June 24-29 at CGCC's PAC.


Brittney said...

Cool! I thought you weren't going to be able to do this one. What happened.

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

yeahhhhh I didn't think we could because our family reunion conflicts with the rehearsal schedule very close to the performances, but I spoke to the directors and they said it'll be fine.

Court said...

How exciting! I wish I lived closer so I could come watch you two! You both were blessed with AMAZING voices.
When are the performances?