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Best Werge Ever

Friday, May 27, 2011

WERGE: Word + Merge
It's quite common- wether out of creative despiration or ignorance we've all merged words to fit our linguistic expressive needs. 
Take Ginormous (Gigantic + Enormous ) 
I bet you didn't know it's been in use since 1948.  Wow!  I thought it was relatively new. This morning Matthew was still in a sleepy daze and Megan and he were dicussing if horses were real. Megan was trying to convince him that they did, in fact, exist. 
"Matt, they could stomple all over guns because they have sharp hooves and they're strong animals"  First of all, I love conversations like this. I could sit and listen to 2nd grade logic all day, but I had to get up and blog the werge <-----coining that term, BTW. 

Stomp + Trample = STOMPLE

Kudos, my young padawan. 
We will completely transform the English language by the time your children are your age. Mu ah ha ha ha <---- That's an evil laugh. Alter your recitation accordingly.