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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I don't know why I call Tuesday- Choozdee.  I think it's because of this guy named Jan that's in shows with us at copperstar- he's got a Utah accent (I don't actually think he's from UT) and he says Tuesdee.. I think it evolved from there.  Thanks for one more layer of quirkiness, Jan Jan.

As of today, Choozdee, I still have a sore throat, however, I feel  like it's improving and so I'm not going to the doctor for it.... only time and a non-infected brain will tell if it was the right decision.  BTW- that is NOT my throat. gross. My throat has a longer uvula. lol

We had our first Mikado rehearsal last night.  yeah.  with my throat thing.  I only sang when I absolutely needed to to save my voice from being out of commission for even longer.  It was fun and went too late for my liking, but I signed my name on a contract that said I'd be there from 6-10 M-Th. The kids were bored and so I let them lay down on the couches with their blankets/pillows to read/play with dad's phone. Luckily this schedule only overlaps with school for one week.  BTW Aaron sings like an angel.  I really hope you all get a chance to come and see this show because I don't know if any of you know how well your friend, Aaron, sings.  He really could be a professional. This music shows off his tenor voice and I LOVED singing our duet last night.  We harmonize so well together.  anyway... enough about that...

I just ate the last piece of left-over quiche for breakfast.  NOM I have the best recipe for quiche haters.  I put the recipe in our family cook book and my sister made it for her husband who hates quiche and he scarfed it down.  really, it's scrumdishalous <-----coining that term.  It's all mine.  I might just put the quiche tutorial on here sometime soon.  Hows about you let me know you want it and if enough people want it, I'll post it.


peachytiffers said...

Ya, we don't like quiche particularly, so that means we want the recipe, right? :) I'd give it a try. So excited for you guys to be in another show together! Sorry I missed your recital, I've still been puking my brains out. Where's your rehearsals, maybe we can take your kids sometimes. JJ's been wanting to do a sleepover, but I want to double date sometime, so we need to find more peeps for the mix! Miss you! And I'm quitting twitter. Just cause of you!

Aundrea said...

for sure post a tutelage!!! i must try this best-ever quiche! :-)

Ben and Maggie said...

You piqued my curiosity. You must post it. PS I just spent WAY too much time reading your blog and catching up. Looks like things are crazy busy, but good. Glad to see it!