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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'll tell you what's up.  uhhhhhhh... hang on..... uhhhhhhh
ok, so it seems like nothing's going on, but that's totally not true, it's just that all of my recent commitments are over and I have no huge plans until the kids' school starts in August. it feels wonderful.

-The play is over (it went well, but we were sick throughout so didn't sound as good as we are used to sounding- but like I said it went well- I fell on my face on stage. that was fun.  I just popped right back up, giggled in character, and went on like nothing out of the ordinary happened)

-Had the missionaries over for dinner last night.  Elder Ingram and the other one with brown hair who liked my cactus jelly. Lawl.  I don't remember his name!? boooo Stephanie. Well anyway, I served multigrain crackers and brie with ice cold grapes, homemade lasagna (NOM), homemade cheesy bread (delicious), steamed broccoli, and cheesecake cookie cups (Matthew helped me make them Friday).  It was yummy.  Before eating, Aaron asked the Elders if there was anything they couldn't eat due to allergies or aversions.  Elder Ingram said that the only thing he wouldn't eat was cactus.  Aaron promptly went to the cupboard and got out some cactus jelly I had canned and made him try it on crackers with the brie- Elder What'sHisFace loved it and kept gobbling it up.  It took Elder Ingram a little time to try it but when he did his eyebrows shot up to his hairline and he exclaimed that he really liked it.  I guess he had had grilled prickly pear pads and they were gross.  He looked surprised that it was a red color and I told him that this jelly was made from the prickly pear fruit, not the pads, and that I make it every August when the fruit is ripe.  I gave each of them a jar of my cactus jelly when they left. (I will do a tutorial on how to make Prickly Pear Jelly come August)

-Speaking of August, Megan auditioned and was accepted into the Phoenix Children's Chorus and I'll be a chaparone at their camp in August.  Unfortunately, it's during Aaron's and my 12th anniversary, but we already have plans to celebrate the following weekend when we go to the Decemberists concert.  Wee Wah! fun stuff!  I'm excited for both weekends!