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Apple Camp

Friday, July 22, 2011

Meg went to Apple Camp this week at the Apple Store.  It was a free day camp that taught the kids to make their own video with footage they shot and they added transitions and music, etc.  Well, the video she did didn't turn out so hot because they couldn't hear the sound when they did it and ended up leaving in segments that should've been cut and cut out segments that should've stayed....  Soooo..... we did it at home on our PC with Windows Live movie maker (which really stinks) and had a blast... We used music from my music history listening quiz CDs from last semester :) Here is Meg's movie.......(as to the subject matter-she's obsessed with Greek Mythology right now- she's going to be a goddess for Halloween this year)

Some of the dialogue is so quiet in this video so I added the script (which Megan wrote, too)

Narrator: One day in Ancient Greece.......
Persephone: Oh I’m all alone picking flowers in the fields
Hades: Ah Hah!
Persephone: Oh no it’s Hades!
Hades: We shall go to the underworld together!
Demeter: Persephone! Persephone my daughter!
 ..............Hades took her!
Demeter: Zeus look what I found! It’s Hades' ring of death- and he’s taken Persephone! Can you help me?
Zeus: Yes I can- as long as Persephone hasn’t eaten anything from Hades’ garden
Persephone: These pomegranate seeds are so good!
Hades: Ha ha ha! It’s too late! Persephone has already eaten from my garden.
Demeter: Noooo!!!!
Zeus: We can work out a plan.  The first part of the year Persephone can live with Hades.  In the other part of the year Persephone can live with her mother.
Narrator: And so every year in the spring and summer Persephone was as happy as she could be and her singing would make the flowers bloom, but for the other half of the year, when she had to live with her uncle Hades, she would cry and it would make the plants wilt and die. And so Persephone is the goddess of the four seasons.