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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's cut!!
Isn't she adorable?
I'm so proud of Megan- She's so happy that she gets to help other kids with her donation.  I looked on the Locks of Love website and saw that you don't have to go to a salon to donate. 
You just have to make sure that the hair is clean and bound in a ponytail or braid securely and measures at least 10 inches.  Megan's actually came out to 11&1/2 inches.  I watched a few youtube videos to learn how to cut a graduated bob/A line.  It was easier than I anticipated.  Except meg has a cowlick right at the nape of her neck so next time I'll keep that in mind when I'm cutting.  She says every 30 minutes how much she loves her haircut :)  It's pretty cute.  She stared at herself in the mirror every minute she got today.  She kept asking if so-and-so will recognize her when they see her.  It's fun.
She also told me how glad she was that her hair wasn't getting in her spaghetti at dinner tonight.  My job here is done ;)


Nikki said...

Totally adorable! I wish I could cut my girls hair. Curly hair is hard. I'd have to straighten it everyday to get a cute bob like that. Good job!

Jenny Knudsen said...

I love it! Now you can cut my hair ;)

jamie hixon said...

You did this?! Wow. That is talent.