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12 years. whoa.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I was just thinking about our wedding anniversary that's coming up in August.... it's been 12 years. wowza. 
I'm trying to decide what to do for Aaron for our anniversary since things are tight with Medical School Applications and things.  We already have tickets to see the Decemberists that we bought a few months ago.  Needs to be something creative.... hmmmmmmm.  Suggestions?  And don't be dirty ;)
Also, I just looked at this post titled Ahhhhhh-nostalgia that I posted 3 years ago about old pictures from our wedding. Umm wow.  I look like a teenager.  oh wait.  I WAS a teenager.  Married at 19, baby! Aaron is so handsome :)  hee hee  I love the pictures. 
Maybe I'll get him a thinner wife.... I figure if I stop making such scrumptious things to eat all the time, I might be able to be that wife.  Last night we made oreo ice cream (oh me oh my) and right now I've got strawberry icecream twirling in the ice cream maker..... ok, after that's GONE, I'll work on that present...


debrajo said...

First of all I'd like to thank you for your honest critique of Emmett's artwork. : ) You crack me up.

I think that for your anniversary you should do something you've NEVER done before. For example, I've never been to a Nascar race, and I want to go to one, so I told Mitch for our anniversary he should take me there...we'll see if he follows through. I know it's random, but whatever. Find a new experience you've never had before & turn it into a HOT anniversary date. : )

Congrats on 12 guys look like "babies" in your wedding pic, btw. : )