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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 SPOILER ALERT

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We ended up going with our friends, the Hixons, who also had tickets to the preview of this movie and we got there a little later than we wanted. They stamped our hands and we got in a big long line. 

I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy inside having the word VOID stamped on my hand makes me feel...... 

After about 100 people were let into the theater we were told (with about 30 people in front of us) that the theater was sold out and that the rest of the seats were reserved for media. Booooo!  However, they said, if we stuck around and some of the media didn't show up, we would be given their seats.  Of course no one got out of line.  Then they came out and started letting people in to the media seats- and guess what.... We were the last ones in.  The people behind us in line didn't get in.  whew! That was a close one!  We ended up getting better seats than we would've had we gotten to the theater earlier since they saved the best seats for the media. yay!  Thank you, whoever didn't show up! 

We didn't know beforehand, but this was a 3D screening and we were all given glasses that were shaped like harry potter glasses!  here I am modeling them for you:

Oh. my. nerd. 
Seriously, can someone put me out of my geeky misery?
Ahh well....It was pretty cool and we got a sweeeet group picture afterward with all of us in our glasses (Which I will post as soon as Jamie gets me the pictures) 

As for the movie... to tell you the truth this movie felt like a blur... If you're like me and only read the DH once when it came out 5 years ago, then you might be a little rusty on the details of this story- Harry and his two friends are hunting down and destroying Voldemort's horcruxes (finishing up what Dumbledor didn't finish before he died- and if you don't know that he died a couple movies ago and are mad at me for saying so, please see post title) 

I really felt like they expected everyone to remember all the details of what's happening and didn't explain very much or take any time on anything... the first horcrux was destroyed within what seemed like 15 minutes and they kept on-a-truckin to the end of the movie.  Harry's viewing of Snape's memories was not given ample time to tug at one's heart strings and I felt like Harry's processing of what he viewed wasn't even shocking to him at all. 

All in all, I felt like the movie didn't give enough build up or reaction to the events in the story but it had some good comic relief, which was quite unexpected.  Anyway, it was entertaining enough for a two-er (as you know from my previous post, I DONT LIKE two-part movies) and you should see it. Except not in 3D- it didn't add anything to the movie, however, it did add a pretty rad pair of HP glasses to my 3D glass stash (No, I haven't such a stash, but if I had, these babies would definitely be a welcome addition)


jamie hixon said...

This is actually what I was looking for. And let me guess, our group pictures were so gross that you just couldn't post them once I sent the link to you? Ha. That's how I felt. Nice job on the "they had tickets too"... ha ha!
I completely agree with your review, by the way.