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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I started my new exercise routine today (a simplified version of the bootcamp I used to teach) in the comfort of my living room.  It was fun to have Matthew exercise alongside me and count my reps. I got to listen to all of his 6 year old comments.  I love it.  I was laughing the entire time.... and panting. lawl.  Here are a few of the things you'd have overheard had you been a fly on my wall this morning...

Matt: Whoa mom, you're sooooo strong to do 30.  I can only do 5.
Matt: Whew! Are you tired of those glute bridges, mommy?  Cause your bum is so heavy?
Me:  Matthew, what are you doing??
Matt:  I'm massaging your bum so you dont get tired of exercising.  Is it working?
Me:  Uhhhh Matt, stop.
It was fun to tickle Matthew every time I did a sit up while he held my feet.  He'd squeal on every number. ha.  Right now the kids are holding eachothers' feet for their situps. Matt did 9 and then he was too tired to do the rest and he asked Megan to do the rest for him.  I reeeeally wish that's how it worked.  Will you do mine for me? 
Welp, I feel all hungry and sore so I guess I'm on the right track. errr... that seems wrong.... lawl