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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tell me, do you know what Profligate [prof-li-git] means?  I didn't know until tonight- Not that it's a word I'd be accustomed to using even after having discovered it's meaning, but you ought to add it to your vocabulary since it is, in fact, a word. Here we go:

World English Dictionary

profligate (ˈprɒflɪɡɪt)
— adj
1. shamelessly immoral or debauched
2. wildly extravagant or wasteful
— n
3. a profligate person
[C16: from Latin prōflīgātus corrupt, from prōflīgāre to overthrow, from pro- 1 + flīgere to beat]

profligacy— n
'profligately— adv

 Anywho, that's not what I set out to talk about tonight.  I'm waiting for the tie dye shirts we made today to wash so I can hang them up to dry.  They've been sitting for hours, letting the red, yellow, and blue colors set, and now they're washing.  They're so much fun to make!  Aaron, the kids, and I each made one for ourselves.  I'd make a million more if I hadn't run out of shirts and dye.  Now I have weird colored hands.  I wanted to only use blue and red on my shirt, but Matthew made his first and was profligate with the dye that we all had to share.  I, being the last one to color my shirt, had to take what I could get.  They look pretty cool.  I'll post pictures when I get around to it, obviously.  Be ye for-warned; they's a-comin'.

 (No, I didn't take that pic, but yes, there was some AMAZING lightning tonight, in addition to the fireworks)
THAT's not even what I set out to post. blerrrrg.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all how much I love Arizona rain.  The Creosote bushes that flavor the air with their musty sweet odor and the newly-wetted dust that is snatched out of the dry air and delivered to your nostrils via aberrant humidity that sets in before a storm are potent music to my olfactories.  We drove home from the fireworks at Schneff Farms sniffing the whiffy rain and singing at the top of our lungs to Weezer's Buddy Holly and Cake's Short Skirt and a Long Jacket.  As Matt would say- "that was the best night ever!!"(We watched the fireworks from Banner Ironwood hospital where my brother in law works- Hi Dr Page! :)Thanks for letting us swim in your pool all day long!)
Happy Independence Day, y'all!  Sleep tight.  and mind those bed bugs- they're out for blood. no kidding.  They told me so.