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Monday, August 1, 2011

wow.  I never realized how bad my OCD was until I started playing Monopoly with my 6 and 8 year old children this morning.....
The money was a mess... "Organize your money, Matthew.  Megan, puh-lease will you count your spaces faster?  Matt, will you please stay in your chair?  No, Megan, try again- you don't hand people money like that in real life. Matt, stop bending the money!  Megan, please don't make Matthew feel bad- he'll get more properties soon. Matt, get your feet off the board! No, we're going to finish this game because we finish things we start."
Oy vey, Stephanie, take a breath!  Looking back on it I think if I had been a fly on the wall I would've flown up my nose.  Does everything need to be perfect?  Apparently I needed a chill pill today.
ha ha!


Lori Thompson said...

you're so dang funny and I totally miss your butt GF!!