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Megan's week in photos

Friday, June 3, 2011


Megan has discovered that she really likes photography (using my phone)  The following is her photo exploration collage.... contents include pictures of the inside of our fridge, random green room pictures from Mikado rehearsals, her pets, people she loves, the green room toilet, art she has drawn, food she has eaten, and a pea plant she planted in a salsa bottle.  Click to enlarge and have fun.

My favorites out of this are:

Megan's pea plant in the salsa jar

I guess Alex got these donuts for Taylor (the latte boy) and didn't want anyone to touch them.  it says so on the box (in the the green room)  Did he really think that was going to dissuade a hungry actor? pshaw.

Laura (Katisha) being... well, Laura

All the pens everyone stuck in Jasmine's hair

Marc Denton (music director) taking that last swig before practicing again

Very artful angle of the script

aaaand a giggling megan taking the most flattering picture of my backside...
(There are some who find the presence of this picture on this post tasteless, however, if I change it for them, is it still a post from me?  I think not.  I think it's funny, therefore, I am posting)