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Monday, June 13, 2011

(Artwork by Sharon Cummings  "Abstract 1")

Yeah, I know that's not a word.
I've just had a few thoughts over the last couple weeks that, individually, don't make for a substantial blog post, but together, well, let's not kid ourselves, I'm sure this post will still be lacking in validity. oh well.

First, I don't know your name, but please, lady who walks next to me every other morning on the treadmill, please please please correct your wappy feet!  Yes, "wappy" <----------coining that term
She plants her heal and then lets her rubbery toes smack down loudly (wapping the ground) so that every step makes two sounds.  Her muscles also are non existent past her wrist, apparently, because she walks with her arms bent at 90 degrees but then her hands hang down all limp and sometimes even hit (or wap) the control board in front of her as she walks.  Every time I walk next to her (which is pretty much every time)  I think "ohhh no, I'm by 'wappy feet' and I don't have my zune (like an ipod) to drown out the noise!" 
Then today as I was thinking about it I wondered if I have any annoying habit that drives everyone around me crazy-  Comment if you have something you've been wanting to tell me!  I remember a while ago I was called out on sucking air in loudly between my teeth....and chewing my hot cheetos with limon reeeeally rudely with my mouth open (not like a lady- as I would hypocritically scold Megan for).  I also used to talk about craigslist a lot about 4 years ago.  My neighbor called me out on that one. Oh- and Aaron was reading over my shoulder and reminded me about my habit of keeping the beat with my toes... yes, I twitch to the beat.  It drives him crazy :D The truth is, none of this really matters, but it's nice sometimes to know all of the things you do habitually and are unaware of.

Megan is behind me right now reading the dictionary.  She is hilarious.

I had a cherry pop tart this morning for breakfast and put peanut butter on it.  Like a PBJ.  Not too bad.  I felt like I was 7 again.
Speaking of food, I bought a popsicle mold in the dollar section at target the other day and put the pineapple juice I reserved from a can of pineapple chunks in it and made yummy popsicles.  But I have to eat them intermittently with a marshmallow in the other hand.  yes, wha? I know I'm weird, but it's one of those food nostalgia situations.  It reminds me of a frozen fruit salad my mom used to make in styrofoam cups.  It tastes yummy and although it's frozen, it warms my tender little heart :) 

I'm really in to Adele right now.  She's my workout buddy. 

I know I've told you all that before, but I thought about it earlier in the post when I mentioned the treadmill.  It reeeeallly takes all I have to not belt out in the middle of my workout.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone is watching me mouth the words (I don't do it all the time, just sometimes) Oh!  I know!  Wappy feet!  I'm sure it's her pet peeve!  We're a match made in, well, not anywhere normal people reside, that's for sure. 

Well, I just listed for our non revenue flight to Pennsylvania leaving Thursday at the crack of dawn <---------need an updated term. Actually, we're leaving our house WAY before the sun comes up.
We're flying into Baltimore and going to a family reunion in Dover PA where my older sister lives.  This is going to be fun!  I've never been farther east than Chicago so I'm excited for a new adventure, plus I love my family. Everything always goes so smoothly- no fighting or anything. We just have a ton fun talking and joking and playing games and singing songs and breaking out in accents periodically.  I'm grateful for that even more now that I know what a rarity it is.  Wish us luck!  It's going to be interesting flying stand by with our two kiddos!  We'll most likely split up and each take a kid and hope that we both get to Baltimore via several transfers all over the country.  It'll be a fun geography lesson for the chillins.  Stay tuned for pictures!


Lori Thompson said...

enjoyed the random post...Have FUN with the fam in PA!!