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Review..... of the Review.

Monday, August 22, 2011

While I wait for the flat iron to heat up I thought I'd tell you all that the show on Saturday went awesome! 
I got to rub shoulders with some performers from CA and NY and everyone did amazing on their songs!  Aaron and I sang Alone in the Universe (Seussical). He was horton the elephant and I was Jojo the mayor's son.  I sang an Annie Medley with Rebecca Barney, Fly Fly Away solo (Catch me if you Can), and then I was in a women's ensemble number of Cell block Tango (Chicago) where was had to dress in black and act all sexy complete with fishnet stockings and in which I had a monologue about how I shot my husband Bernie cause he wouldn't stop popping his gum. yeeahhhhh... I was a little embarrassed to do that one in front of the family. ha. Then we had 2 full ensemble numbers- Whistle a Happy tune (The King and I)/It's a Grand Night For Singing (A Grand Night For Singing) mash up and The Money Song (Avenue Q). 
There were about 25 acts and I was really so impressed with everyone's performances.  Some seriously great performers there and I was flattered to have been asked to perform alongside them.
When we were packing up after the show, my opening act partner, Steve Wertz (the NY guy), told me that they should bring Wicked to AZ and I should play Elphaba (the green wicked witch).  I told him that he could be the one to bring it here and I'd do it as a personal favor to him. LOL  I really loved working with such talented and complimentary people. 
Ok, so now that I got the review review out of the way and my flat iron is hot I just wanted to say it's my first day of school and this is going to be a FULL SEMESTER holy hannah.  Ready or not, here I come. 
AND I thought I'd eat some crow and tell you that there is a a REALLY PESKY MOSQUITO buzzing around my head. dang blammit! :) 
Have a super great Monday, y'all!


Courtney said...

Thanks dudette! I have been working my booteeyy off, literally. hehehe!