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Harden your kids and watch them grow

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just waiting for my zune to charge so I can go jogging. So, of course, I blog.  We went to a company swim party tonight at Mesquite Aquatic Center and it brought me back to the good old days when I went there for swim team practice during the summer.  I'd get up and ride my bike 3 miles to get there at 6 am.  I'd swim my little hiney off for an hour and then ride my bike home.  I was 12.  What 12 year old do you know now-a-days that would do that?  We're so used to going everywhere in our air conditioned cars.  Let your kids get out and explore! If they don't want to, just shove them out with a bottled water and a snack, say "have fun!," and lock the door.  And then you can cry as you watch them through the window.  We used to have so much fun outside.  We'd make bike trails with jumps and we dug a tunnel that led to a big underground room.  We'd make blowtorches out of aerosol cans and play in mud.  We even played night games in our front yards.  Yes, it's hot.  That's what water is for. Kids need no-parent time to be inventive.  It helps their brains, I swear it! 
(Just make sure to have homeowners' insurance cause it saved my parents when Rob set our shake-shingle roof on fire.... on accident....of course )
Here's a news article about "outside time" from Wales- and seeing as I'm mostly Welsh, I say it's fitting that I link to it :)


Sera Lucia said...

Are we mostly Welsh? I didn't think we had any majority of nationality. <I'm sure that's is not how to correctly say that.
And I agree about outside time. We were hellions, and it rocked. Plus we turned out ok, bonus!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

I THOUGHT we were... now we need to inquire from the parents....

peachytiffers said...

Ha. I agree. I used to use hair spray and fire as a fun way to torch slugs. I just bought a book about raising "free range" kids. The statistics on this are really interesting, as a teacher, I've always been really into this topic.