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I'm officially in love.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

yes.  with the dancing lemon...
wait, no, that's NOT what I meant to say.  but clooooose. 
I'm in love with lemon.  the fruit.  I love it on just about everything.  I love it especially on any type of vegetable
(especially asparagus and broccoli). 
I just had lemon squeezed on my left-over redskin mashed potatoes.  hohklahoma.  it was delish. 

And this kid in the lemon costume ain't too weird. 
ok, I lied. it is. 
it's even weirder on an adult. 
Why on EARTH would you EVER need or want to dress up as a lemon?
 -and might I add, please do not EVER search the term "lemon cartoon" in google pics......  seriously.
Love me some lemons!


Shellee said...

A-Freaking-MEN! I love the lemon. The best is when it's in Diet Coke after a long hard day. No, wait, it's best when your house smells like lemons. Not the weird pretend lemon smell, but like your hubbs just sliced some lemons to put in your diet coke after he mopped the floor with Lemon Pinesol. Yeah, that's what I like!!!