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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorry I slacked on telling you all about the US Airways shoot. It all started on a cold dark night when I sent our (Aaron, Stephanie, Megan) headshots and resumes to a commercial company in response to an audition notice for a US Airways commercial...... lawl
We were chosen and on Wednesday we went to the US Airways building just off Rio Salado in Tempe for a costume fitting (they told me what they wanted and I had to pick out similar things in our wardrobes and bring them).  Then they played doll with us. "go try this and this on.......hmm no, lets try this and maybe that." back and forth trying on different combinations with our and their supplemented accessories and such.  Then on Friday night we went to the US Airways hangar at Sky Harbor where they dressed us in the clothes they'd picked out and some ladies from MAC with pink hair and upper lip beautymark piercings did our makeup.   There were about 5 or 6 other actors.
Here's the airplane!  The screen reflects light into the plane where we were filming.  The stairs to get up to that monster were kind of wobbly and really steep (they are not the ones seen in the first pic- they were on the opposite side.  Megan was scared so Aaron carried her part of the way. My high heels kept sticking in the little holes. ha ha

They took out seats so the camera crew could set up all their stuff.  Sorry I didn't get a better picture of the set up inside!!  If you know photography equipment, you should geek out when I tell you the whole thing was shot using the RED EPIC camera which takes like 240 still shots per second, so while they are using a "video" camera, it's taking stills and they don't have to switch between still and video shots. 
It turns out that it's not for an actual commercial (although they could still use it for a commercial if they wanted) but for all of US Airways promotional materials in airports/ website and training materials and videos.  We were told not to be surprised if we see these pictures in a magazine in the future.  No one had to speak and we just followed directions like, "Now look at the flight attendant, now look at each other, now look at Megan's book like you're reading something intersting, now look back at the flight attendant, now walk by and smile at the flight attendant... etc etc etc.."

We got to eat a lot of airplane snacks... What's your pleasure?  It was a snacky free for all.  And I don't know what was up with the orange bracelet.. sheee-oot!  They ended up changing my outfit a little in the middle of the shoot and made me wear someone's glasses cause I looked too young...  That always seems to be a problem.

Oy.  I look bad in this picture. however, I think Aaron looks awesome and it's been a while since I've posted a pic to show how thin he's gotten :)  What a handsome guy (they made him shave his full beard into a moutee).
We only had to stay until about 1:15am (because they wanted to get Megan in and out before a case of the tireds became a problem {halleluia}). Everyone else had to stay... It reminds me of the Brian Regan joke about still getting a whole sno cone even if he only played half of the baseball game. "So I'd rather play half game."
It was pretty cool to write up the invoice when I got home.  I told Meg that she has to put half into savings and pay tithing and the rest she could use however she wanted.  She's buying a parakeet and cage. She has wanted one forever and couldn't save up her money long enough to buy one.  fun stuff.
What is your opinion on that?  Aaron says that we are entitled to hers but I think that she should get all of it...tell me what you think.

Anywho, it was fun and I'd do it again in a second. woot.  BTW- if my posts get sparse I'm truly sorry- I'm in school, work, running carpool and boot camp, doing homework and bleh bleh bleh... boring, but busy.  Just shoot me an email if you miss me and I'll post some Steph candy.
PS- coming soon... singing at the Barrett Jackson Auction last week with William Joseph and a 300 person choir! FUN!  It was pretty cool..... shoot.. I don't want to give too much away....


karenshum said...

Why wouldnt she be entitled to her money. She did just as much, stayed up just as late, looked just as cute. When I work, i dont think my parents are entitled to my paycheck. Thats just my opinion.

Lori Thompson said...

How fun!! YOu all looked great! Miss ya lady!

peachytiffers said...

That's all so cool!