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Birthday Weekend

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm so excited about today!  My mom called me yesterday and told me that she and my dad were flying in to take me to lunch today for my birthday :)  How awesome is that?  They fly for free because my brother works for SWA.  Sooo... where should we go to lunch?  Or brunch, I should say, because we are picking them up from the airport at 9:15 and taking them back at 2:30.  At 3:00 Aaron has something planned for us to do for the whole rest of the day and it's a surprise!  I'm sure I'll tell y'all about it tomorrow.  What a fun birthday!  I really hope I have time to stop by Liberty Market to get my freebie meal-even if it is take-out and I have to eat it tomorrow.  I love that place.  Ok, I've got to get busy and get ready!  This is going to be a long day (oh yeah, our car broke down this week and we have to exchange the truck with my mother in law's tahoe so we can all ride together today- so that needs to happen by 8 at least so I can get to the airport by 9.  crazy sched.)
For my birthday I want one thing from y'all.  comment!  I see that the blog is getting a lot of traffic and people talk to me about things they read here but, alas, no love.  Come on peepolas! Give me some blog sugar!


Lori Thompson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a GREAT birthday weekend!
Love your small skinny butt!!

Sera Lucia said...

I'll give you a cup of sugar! Happy Birthday Sis! Love you lots and sorry for the lame-o Christmas gift, it sounded awesome when I thought of it. :D So sometime before next Christmas I will send you a way awesome gift as a follow-up. Love love love!

Aundrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a fabulous day!!! Can't wait to hear about it!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday! How fun to have your parents for the day! That is such an awesome gift!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! YOu are an amazing woman, so talented, loving, fun, fearless, spiritual, your family is lucky to have you and I am lucky to call you friend. Love you! Tell us about the birthday day went!

Flutterby said...

Happy birthday, sounds like an awesome day. Enjoy!!!!