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PSY 101 Experiment. dot dot dot

Friday, February 4, 2011

For my final project in PSY101 I have to perform some research.  I have to do an experiment or evaluate people in their natural habitat or something similar. Basically I have to have a hypothesis and test it out. 
Here is what I'm going to do and I need your help....

A homeless musician can make more money on the street if he is more skilled than if he is not.

What do you think?!?!  I think it would be pretty cool to go to downtown Phoenix dressed as a homeless person and test my theory.  I'll sing well for a while and then at another time I wont.  lets see how it goes....   want to join me?  If you are a skilled musician come downtown with me on March 26th and we'll test out my theory and do a little charity work. fun. Take a street corner and sing/play to your heart's content! We'll just give whatever we earn to someone who is really homeless after we count it up. ha ha ha I'm really excited to do it.  I'll let you know how things progress... Comment or email me if you want to participate.
Ok, gotsta go to bed. 4:50 comes early. (especially when it's so cold outside)

If you'd like to do this but you're not in Phoenix you still can get people in your area to do it.  Just tally up amounts and let me know what you find so I can include it in my research paper!

PSS- I think I sound a little insensitive in this post- sorry!  I am just very excited.  This is a really great way to do charity in a deflated economy.  Give of your time and talents to help others (even poor starving students like me can do it!)


Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Ok, the "really homeless" wording means "actually homeless" it is not a commentary on their degree of homelessness.

Brittney said...

Sounds fun! Good luck!

Sera Lucia said...

Oh I'd love to do it! However, with my skill level being down, I think I could only play badly. If you'd like I can just go play poorly and tell you what I got out of it. :)
And this whole post reminds me of a time in Salt Lake when Olive Garden was playing polka music... if you remember. ;)

peachytiffers said...

Have you done this yet?