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Monday, January 24, 2011

And it's a line from one of my favorite movies!  If you can tell me what movie, I'll make you some home-made hummus!  I'll pick one of the correctly answering people out of a hat (not literally- I'll just pick your name randomly and tell you that you won)

"We are men of action.  Lies do not become us"
and to that I add.... Anybody want some Hummus???

How to enter:
1. Email me the answer
2. Comment and tell me you emailed (for an extra entry, quote another line from the movie in your comment)

and I'll announce the winner next Monday!

PS- I think I deserve an award for the wierdest give-away EVER!!


Clarissa B. said...

lol your hilarious, im about to email you!

Julie said...

I know the answer, and it is one of my favorites, also. But I do not want to win. So you may you wish!


goldfixe said...

Princess Bride!!

All about the Monaghans said...

that was way to easy!!