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Christmas and other Decembery stuff

Monday, January 3, 2011

Helloha y'all  Just thought I'd catch up with some pictures before my life gets crshmazy again.
First is the pic they took of us at Aaron's work party-
Aaron has since trimmed up his scraggly beard and gotten a hair cut and I have gotten squishy with all of this holiday food plus no exercise (I'll tell you about that later)! boooo!  I'm ready to start eating fresh again.  I love it.

Here are the kids and their cousins at their school Christmas Concert

awwww..what dolls.

Like Meg's tights?  We attacked a pair of white tights with a red permanent marker ;)

This next pic was Matt's attempt at taking a picture with my phone.... he moves it so it's more blurry than usual.  You should've seen Meg try it- LOL She is like a 90 yr old woman when it comes to my camera- we didn't save any of those.

Here are the kids at their Christmas Parade. They got to march with their school

I took the kids to the temple lights early in December- bad quality pic, but oh well!  I'm pretty sure that for half of the month I had someting on the right side of the lens so all the pics are blurry.

Christmas!!!  I'll get more pics from Aaron- I know he has some he hasn't given me yet so I'll add later
This is what we did during the day:


Fun stuff!

Then Matthew's birthday 3 days later...
He's 6!! holy shrimp! (that's his favorite expression)

And lunch at Joe's of course!


Nikki said...

Why do I look so mad that Matthew's blowing out his candles? :)

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

That's what I'D like to know....

Sera Lucia said...

Meg looks too old in that last pic. Outrageous.