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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Howdy Doody, folks!
I have been away from my poor little blog for so long that I don't know if it's resuscitatable... is that a word? I have been up to a lot lately!  When we thought we were moving, we were released from our callings as Young Women's president and Sunday School 1st counselor.  When we found out we'd be around longer, Aaron was called to Ward Music Chairman/Choir Director and I was called to Ward Chorister and Primary Chorister.  ha ha ha- we are the ward music people. It's been an adventure. Aaron is getting a little more comfortable leading music- he still says that he doesn't know anything about it, but we can all see him improving leaps and bounds and doing an excellent job.  My favorite is when he sings along with the altos in a high voice :) hee hee. 

I've been getting together with my ladies a lot more often (I wasn't kidding in my last post)- I'm leading an intense workout every morning (if you want to come work out with us, you're welcome [no cost]- 5:30-6:30am on ASU east campus- call if you need directions 480-216-4327). 
Two nights ago I went over to my friend Shelly Ivy's house and we had a girls night and watched the first two twilight movies and did mani pedis. it was way fun. We had some AWESOME food.  nom nom. 
We had another girls' night a few weeks ago where we went to Kona Grill and then Charming Charlies at San Tan Marketplace. We had so much fun and went to Swirl-It (a self-serve frozen yogurt place) afterward. yumm-o!
We also have craft night every Thursday at 8 on campus as well. I've made some dang cute stuff!  You just bring whatever you want to work on and chat while you craft.  People bring their sewing machines and cricuts and everything. it's hardcore. :)  I'll get the last pics of what I made last week up but here are the ones from two weeks ago...
Ruffle flower- worn a few different ways. SO comfortable
Zipper Flower :)  This one's yours, Karen Andersen- you need to tell me what to put it on still!
Tonight's craft night I'm bringing a bunch of stuff to work on for our ward taffy pull- pioneer bonnets, aprons, banners, piecing a quiltm ans hammering out cans to make luminarias- if you don't have a project to work on, come help with the ward stuff!

I have also been doing veils and flowers for weddings- you can check out the last ones I did HERE
And today I turned a $2 chain necklace with clear and pink plastic gems into an awesome necklace with teal fabric accents, rhinestones, and a melted fabric flower. SO awesome. I'll post it when I get a picture.

I can't believe that school starts in less than a month for my kiddos! August 11th!!! Meg is going into 2nd grade and Matt is starting kindergarten! wha?!?! I'll be an empty nester for half of the day! wow.  Well, I'll be going back to school as well to CGCC... can't believe THAT either. we'll see how I survive. I feel old and I'm sure that all the kids there will be 18 and 19. ha ha. oh well, that's life.

Aaron is currently looking for a job- hopefully something that will get him experience in the medical field- specifically podiatry, but anything will do. If you know of anything shoot me an email!  He also has a biology dgree so if you know of anything available in that field, that's good too :)  He's got a very scientific mind and loves microbiology mucho.

I've been recording myself singing songs I like. If you want to take a listen click the "StephanieSings" player at the righthand side of the blog. You have to pause the music that's currently playing on the other player first, though.  If there are parts, it's just me singing on a different track.  It's been soo much fun! You sure learn alot when you record yourself singing (like you don't sound as good as you thought you did!! LOL).
Thanks, peeps, for sticking with me- I promise I'll post more often now that I'm not doing facebook anymore!


Jenny said...

What no more facebook!? What are we gonna do without are funny! I think blogging fits into the schedule better for me to. Good to see you are up to so many good things..the craft night sounds like fun.:O)

Sera Lucia said...

HOORAY! The blahhhg is back! I want a ruffle flower, btw, and I will pay for it too! :) The Book is lonely without you updating, but I'm not on there much anyway. You'll just have to store up all the funny things the kiddos say and put them all on your posts.
Lurv ya!

Brenden+Nikki said...

Yaaaaaay I'm so glad you're blogging again! I don't know why you quit FB (wouldn't have known except the comments above) but it was taking way too much of my time and I found I kept better records on my blog. Anyway, I'm so happy that you'll be writing on here again so I can keep up with your life. And BTW you look sooooooo good in your pics! I know you've been working out and I always thought you looked great before, but seriously! And for some reason you look like you're 23 or something (not that you looked old before). Anyway, love that you are staying busy and having fun! That's important! ;) love ya!

Lori Thompson said...

FINALLY GF!! It was great to hear what you're up to. Craft, crafting and more crafts! Love it!