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Girls Night Out: Pizzeria Bianco WOOT!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yes, I know I do a lot of girls nights- I think I'm addicted. But this particular night I did not plan- My Highschool friend, Aundrea, came into town from Dallas and so all us HS girlfriends got together.  A few of us carpooled since the restaurant was far... we kind of drove in circles in Phoenix trying to find it and on one of the corners we saw this guy with insane pants. I whipped out my phone and shot a picture- the lady in the couple next to him on the corner started laughing and pointing to his pants. He looked up and smiled at me pointing the camera at him and I waved as we drove off.  ha ha!!

We finally got to where we were going:
Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix (proclaimed the best pizza in the country by Jimmy Kimmel, Rachael Ray, and Oprah alike).

  This place seats MAYBE 40 people.  It's so small and cute and the wait was 2.5 hours.  That's right, I said it. Two and a half blasted hours!  It's all good.  We girls have the gift of gab and the Pizzeria bar is right next door in an equally rustic, entirely seperate building, so we got drinks and talked about husbands and weddings and jobs and divorces and kids and boogers and throw up and makeup and housework and the list goes on and on... It is always to good to see my ladies and I had a blast! We got in and the conversation continued in the appetizingly aromatic bare brick room.  All the Pizzas, it turns out, only come in one size ~12 inches and are fired in the tiny wood burning pizza oven

I got the Margharita Pizza with Fennel Sausage. (this is not my pizza- just picture sausage cut lengthwise instead of the red onion)
"No matter which pie you order, the standout of the pizza is the crust. Every pizza is prepared individually by owner/chef Chris Bianco. The pizza crust is incredibly delicious. A slight crunch on the crust gives way to a chewy center. Char marks freckle the ring of crust at the circumference as well as the bottom of the pizza." -Some random food reviewer on the internet (sorry random guy, I didn't copy your name before I closed the window.)

Anyway, we had a blast and Nikki posted pics on FB, so here they are, copied and pasted...

HA! I love how animated everyone is when we get together.
I look like a laughing pig in between these two LOL
not cool. I turned around so quick I think my eyes are
looking in two different directions LOL
Isn't Jamie so cute?
Tanja and Teresa you girls crack me up

Aundrea! we were so happy you could go out with us while you were here!

Tanja, Aundrea, Kayla, Nikki, Jamie, Me, Teresa (missing Brianne, Amanda, Tami, Vanessa, and Courtney! We miss you guys!)
Can't wait until our next outing in a month! (am I right???)