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Not moving. bleh!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I know you're all wondering what happened since we are no longer moving. Well, we will be moving, just not to Georgia and not until our lease is up in June. Here's the low-down: Aaron had been offered a job in GA as sales/admin director of north american sales for Guillemo corporation (manufacturer/distributer of video gaming periferals eg: joysticks, webcams, etc)which is based in France and recently expanded to the US. He would've been working in direct correlation with his very good friend in GA. The executives approved hiring Aaron after meeting him in Vegas but stalled to write up a contract and really define what his job would be, since the job is bits and pieces of other over-worked people's jobs. They finally met last week to actually set in stone all of the job's responsibilities... It turns out that the job has morphed into more of an admin./accounting job and will now be based in Montreal Canada since the company accountant lives there. They asked for more resumes and even though Aaron is still in the runnung to get it, we don't want to move to montreal and Aaron does not feel qualified for the job since it has changed so much. There is actually another company in GA that Aaron has contact with that might hire him as their east coast sales rep- same type of company.

Sooo... other things that are happening:

-Registered Matthew for kindergarten this week. weird. I'll have the house to myself in the mornings until 11:15!! wow. Hopefully that'll mean a cleaner house!

-I was asked to sub for a soloist in the Stake enrichment Women at the Well program last night. It was awesome. I bought a sheet, pillowcase, and shawl and made an awesome costume! I was more excited about the costume than the singing.  I had such a great time and it was a spiritual experience for all involved and I'm sure all viewing, too.

-I've decided that I now that I'm going to be here for a little longer I need to do more social stuff. I want to have a monthly girls night at my house- some nights it'll be games, other nights it'll be a movie or whatever. bring a snack to share and we'll have a blast. I'll let you know when the first one is when I decide. comment and let me know if you're interested.

wow, that was a lot more than I inteded to write, but oh well, such is life.


Jenny Knudsen said... still might move to GA? or somewhere else? I am glad that you will be around longer. We need to hang out more often. We miss you guys.

Itsy Bitsy Tutus said...

Something wonderful will come your way, whether it be GA or in AZ. In the mean time I hope you enjoy your girls night!

Itsy Bitsy Tutus said...

This is Jeni (Lyle) Everett. I have no idea why I am signed in under my old business address. Oops!

Sam said...

I can totally relate. It feels like we have been playing the "job waiting game" for almost a year now. Trying to find just the right fit, waiting for companies to make up their mind, and going through the tedious interview process. I would spend my days looking at houses, etc. in the cities we were "possibly" moving to. Don't stress too much, the right thing will come around eventually and I have learned that it takes a while so you may as well enjoy the journey. Sam just started his new job today (he graduated in December).

Sam said...

Oops, I thought I was logged in here. That last post was from me!


Brandis said...

Bummer! It's such a letdown to make plans and then have to change them. I hope something else comes through! And PS, yes your costume was awesome and you did an amazing job on the song! :)

Marisa said...

Well maybe they need to put you back into the YW presidency! Ha! I'm sorry the job isn't quite working out. What does work out these days?! We're loving our little rental house but we don't have "the job" either. :(

John and Sara (Rosenhan) Barlow said...

Well, I know it was a let down, but I'm grateful your still in town. We love you guys! I'm totally in for a girls night, or couples night, or an outing afternoon. We don't care, we just love spending time with the Shumways!