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Carrot, anyone?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A few months ago the Ward Young Women came and planted carrots and peas in our backyard for one of the girl's value project. The peas are long gone and were VERY sweet and yummy. Any time we went outside, we got a few pods to chomp on while talking with neighbors. Well, the greens of the carrots were getting tall so I picked one to see how big they are right now.... not very. -and they're bitter. I guess we can be patient and wait for them to get big and yummy.


Tomallama said...

Props to you guys for growing a garden, no matter the size or quantity of produce. More people should know that they can provide just about all the carrots their family can eat for about $5, a little soil, sun, water and time. The carrots should be good in about a month, but make sure they get plenty of water. It may be a little late for the peas, they do better planted in early fall for a late winter / early spring harvest. Once the peas start producing, if they do, pick the first ones before they are fully ripe, then get ready because they will start puting out pods like crazy. If you ever want to come out to the farm, just give us a holler.


Momma Malia said...

okay, megan looks just like you!! too cute. and i'm finally reading your blog. how did i get so busy??

Josh and Heather said...

Hey Stephanie! I am doing great - how are you guys? I haven't talked to you in so long, I will have to look through your blog and get all caught up on your life :) Glad things are going well and thanks for getting in touch!