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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We had a great lesson in Family Home Evening last night! We wore the kitchen towels on our heads like Lehi's family would've done and ate trail mix as a snack. Aaron made this great tent and read stories from the friend to them.
I gave a lesson on the Liahona and how we can have guidance(HG) in our lives, too, through being obedient and being nice to eachother. The kids loved it!

I read this quote:

"Cultivate a spirit of gladness in your homes. Subdue and overcome all elements of anger, impatience and unbecoming talk one to another. Let the light of the gospel shine in your faces in wherever you go and whatever you do." -Gordon B Hinckley

To do that, we are trying to obey these rules this week:

1) Do not mention anything negative or that seems wrong this week. Work hard to think before speaking out.
2) Think of two different things each day that has made you happy or you are grateful for and share it with someone in the family. Record those two things in your journal before bed.
3) Look around you and be thankful for all that you have. Do not think "If only I had....I would be happy".....instead think "Because I have......I am happy."
4) Show a happy, positive, cheerful attitude in wherever you go and whatever you do.
5) Give thanks to your Heavenly Father each day for your many blessings.

I tried to take a picture with the kids in the tent... this is the best one we could get because it's the most tame Megan was (Her tongue is out in this one, but it beats the other pics that were taken..)

What a kooky kid!
A little side note about the head dress... I think they are quite stylish and they'll make a full multicultural comeback in the next five years. Just wait and see. All the celebrities will be wearing them and I'll be a famed fashion pioneer...


Brandis said...

Well how cute are you guys! :) What a fun FHE!

Valerie Shumway said...

Your family is just so stinkin' cute.