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Thought You Should Know Thursday

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who shops at Fresh and Easy?
I heart that place.  Not as much as I heart Sprouts, but pretty close.  Do you know why I love it so?  No, it's not because I can nom a whole bag of their granola in one sitting- it's amazing.  No, that, my friends, pales in comparison to.........Their clearance section.  DUN DUN DUUNNNNNNN. 
The Fresh and Easy policy is to keep food always fresh, so they try and keep the food for only a few days before they bring in a new delivery. SO, as a result, all of their fresh food items have a short window of time before their sell by date comes up. Every night when the stores close the employees take all the items off the shelf that needed to be sold that day, and they mark them down anywhere from 40-80% off. The items are then put back out in their specially marked clearance section.  I've gotten all types of produce, bread, cookies, rice pudding (extra yummy) Tiramisu (scratch that last comment- this one is extra yummier), scones, dinner rolls, salad mixes, reeeeally cheap steak, roast, and brats.  
The best time to shop Fresh and Easy if you're looking for those marked down clearance items is right at closing time  while they are stocking the secion at 9:45pm, or when they first open at 8am. Throughout the day they will mark down clearance items even more, however the selection will be sparse. I LOVE Fresh and Easy!! I can get produce for our family for CHEEEEEEAP. And since I try and have a full fruit bowl on the table at all times for when my kids get the munchies, cheap produce= healthy kids. 

Speaking of which, I am currently nomming a bowl of summer squash sauteed in butter, garlic salt, and pepper.  Dinner cost me 50¢ tonight.  Thought you should know.


Brenden+Nikki said...

wow! $.50 is REALLY impressive! I like Fresh and Easy too. That was where I was first introduced to the honey whole wheat pretzel twists. I'll have to try going there for their clearance items. Do the coupons still work on those too?

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Yes ma'am, they do!!