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100th post of 2011 Haiku....blitz?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ok, ok, I know I promised tutes and recipes, but it's taking so long to get it together that I slacked on posting ANYTHING at ALL!  I missed my blog.  So I decided to reconnect with my thousands of readers (ahhh I'm so funny) and post a haiku blitz..... and follow up with my for-real-blitz-mania-tastic.  There'll be pandemonium.  It's not a party without a little levity. Sooooo...  I'm now presenting....... The 100th post haiku blitz.  Please, when you comment do it in haiku form (You don't really have to but it'd be a hoot) {yes, I just said hoot. don't judge me. I'm old.} [and I used the fun parentheses] Here are a few haiku poems I wrote today for your weekly Japanese poetry fix. oh joy :)

Locked gates bar your way
but with gentle words you may
peek inside my heart

gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp
water drenching tongue, throat, chest
Thirst greedily quenched

Mischief and a song
exuberance and sorrow
chambers of my heart.

 I feel gluttony
you see hot and sexy me
perspective is key

No, this picture doesn't have anything to do with
the haiku below but I love it, so..... you're welcome. :)

I wrote a haiku
Aaron didn't like it so...
I made him write one:

Steph needs a haiku
but I'm not that creative
at 1 in the morn

Hope you liked the poor excuse for a blitz replacement!
Good day, sir!


Brittney said...

This is AWESOME!!! Woohoo! Congrats on 100 incredibly entertaining posts!