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i am a mom/wife/textile designer gone haywire. I love to sing(music/arts AA degree), craft, exercise, and be goofy. Just living life outside the norm. And the norm thanks me for it. Oh yeah, and I like me some haikus. . . . . . . . . . What are we up to currently? Aaron recently started medical school at Ross University on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the kids and I are along for the crazy ride :)

Oh my my my my my.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All aboard the crazy train.  Seriously it's been a madhouse around here- On top of all of my regular homework, this week saw the taking of the hardest test that will be given in my Bio class (this class section is for bio majors- remind me why I'm in it?????), the first day of debates, my rhetorical analysis paper due date, picture retakes for the kids, and still yet to come: extra credit this morning in Bio if I play this on my guitar and sing:
HOLY CHEESINESS... I don't know if I can do it... but for extra credit???  Decisions, decisions... Humiliation or a chance to make up for procrastination in studying for my exam this week.... ACK!

Singing this Italian aria that's not yet memorized for a voice studio class (in front of all the other vocal majors) on Friday,  right before rushing to.......
Volunteer in Meg's class.  I'll be teaching them an Art Masterpiece lesson tomorrow on this guy:
Albrecht Durer
Check him out on


Making about 15 posters for the PCC (Phoenix Children's Chorus) Walk a Thon which are due Saturday morning.


Aaron's birthday dinner on Sunday!

Wake me up when it's all over.  please.


Lori Thompson said...

Do the extra cedit GF!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!!!!!!!